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[gpsd-users] Apologies for my absence, and how GPSD can go forward

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [gpsd-users] Apologies for my absence, and how GPSD can go forward
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2015 08:54:32 -0400
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I apologize to all for my recent inattention to GPSD.  It's not that I
have lost interest in the project, it's that I've been putting in
maximum effort on repairing NTP.  For some months now I have been the
tech lead of the NTPsec project (a job I was hired for in part because
of GPSD's success at meeting challenges to those NTPsec faces) and it has
been demanding more and more of my attention.

(I will also note that I did consider my obligations to GPSD before taking
the NTP gig.  I concluded that I could do so because the GPSD codebase is
mature and stable, into routine maintainance rather than needing frequent

I expect to be able to budget some time to deal with GPSD issues this
coming week.  I should have cut a 3.16 release this summer, and this
needs to happen to field fixes to various minor bugs.

It would, however, be unrealistic to think that going forward I will
be able to devote as much attention to GPSD as I have in the past.
There is an *enormous* amount of work to be done on NTPsec and I am
now principally responsible for coding and technical planning there.

There is also considerable likelihood that when NTPsec development
starts to wind down I will be in demand as a lead for other critical
infrastructure projects that need rescuing.  This is what I want to
do, and a public/private funding model to support it is gradually
taking shape.

Therefore I encourage our senior devs - in particular Gary Miller, Jon
Schlueter, and Chris Kuethe if he's around - not to wait on me before
merging fix patches, and to start thinking more boldly and more
architecturally.  In my absence, Gary has decision and release

After 11 years, it's time for GPSD development to become less centered
on what I do and more of a collegial effort. NTPsec accelerates this
need, but it was coming anyway. I'm not going to disappear entirely.
But the senior devs need to get used to having a hand on the steering

Thanks for your patience and support.
                <a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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