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[gpsd-users] NAVILOCK NL-402U cgps GPS timeout without fix

From: Philipp Seelig
Subject: [gpsd-users] NAVILOCK NL-402U cgps GPS timeout without fix
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 13:40:52 +0100
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I try to get a NAVILOCK NL-402U to do my bidding. The OS is Ubuntu 12.04
LTS with
- - gpsd: 3.4 (revision 3.4)
  gpsd 3.4-2ubuntu0.1
- - cgps: 3.4 (revision 3.4)
  gpsd-clients 3.4-2ubuntu0.1

The gpsd starts at boot and gpsd output shows that the device is
working. (see output below)

The problem is, as long as the device doesn't have a fix, cgps gets a
timeout (<user>@<machine> ~ % cgps
cgps: GPS timeout).

To be specific, that is not the real trouble, the actual problem is,
that some software which makes use of the gpslibs can not determin if
the device is plugged or not.
As cgps is only a client for gpsd so I assume that the problem has
it's cause in the same function call.

When the device has a fix cgps (and the other software) show data and
recognize the device.

Is there any way to make cgps and calls to the gpslib reckon the
device before it gets a fix?

Thanks in advance
Smiley face

- -- Lengthy disclaimer

gpsd:INFO: stashing device /dev/ttyACM0 at slot 0
gpsd:PROG: no /etc/gpsd/device-hook present, skipped running ACTIVATE hook
gpsd:INFO: opening read-only GPS data source type 2 and at '/dev/ttyACM0'
gpsd:PROG: PPS Create Thread gpsd_ppsmonitor
gpsd:PROG: PPS thread awaiting device activation
gpsd:INFO: speed 115200, 8N1
gpsd:PROG: Probing "Garmin USB binary" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probe not found "Garmin USB binary" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probing "GeoStar binary" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probe not found "GeoStar binary" driver...
gpsd:PROG: Probing "Trimble TSIP" driver...
gpsd:INFO: speed 9600, 8O1
gpsd:INFO: speed 115200, 8N1
gpsd:PROG: Probe not found "Trimble TSIP" driver...
gpsd:PROG: no probe matched...
gpsd:INFO: gpsd_activate(): activated GPS (fd 7)
gpsd:INFO: device /dev/ttyACM0 activated
gpsd:PROG: PPS chrony socket /var/run/chrony.ttyACM0.sock doesn't exist
gpsd:INFO: KPPS checking /sys/devices/virtual/pps/pps0/path, /dev/ttyACM0
gpsd:INFO: KPPS cannot open /dev/pps0: Permission denied
gpsd:ERROR: PPS ioctl(TIOCMIWAIT) failed: 25 Inappropriate ioctl for
gpsd:PROG: PPS gpsd_ppsmonitor exited.
gpsd:INFO: running with effective group ID 20
gpsd:INFO: running with effective user ID 65534
gpsd:INFO: startup at 2015-02-19T12:23:37.000Z (1424348617)
gpsd:PROG: switch_driver(Generic NMEA) called...
gpsd:PROG: selecting Generic NMEA driver...
gpsd:INFO: /dev/ttyACM0 identified as type Generic NMEA (0.136112 sec
@ 115200bps)
gpsd:DATA: RMC: ddmmyy=060180 hhmmss=000045.000 lat=nan lon=nan
speed=nan track=nan mode=0 status=0
gpsd:DATA: packet type 1 from /dev/ttyACM0 with {ONLINE|PACKET|DRIVER}
gpsd:DATA: packet type 1 from /dev/ttyACM0 with {ONLINE|PACKET}
gpsd:DATA: GGA: hhmmss=000045.000 lat=nan lon=nan alt=nan mode=0 status=0
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