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[gpsd-users] TSIP driver flaky? v3.10

From: Gerry Creager - NOAA Affiliate
Subject: [gpsd-users] TSIP driver flaky? v3.10
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 22:43:30 -0600

I just downloaded and installed 3.10 manually. I'm using an older Trimble (trying to get minicom to give me a coherent output so I can ask exactly what it is... I guess I'll bring home an Ashtech or another Trimble (or dig out the older PVT6...) to get something more identifiable.

ANYWAY, I've started gpsd with /dev/ttyUSB0, and then attempted to run gpsmon, and got the following:
gpsd://localhost:2947         JSON slave driver>
(81) {"class":"VERSION","release":"3.10","rev":"3.10","proto_major":3,"proto_minor":9}
(172) {"class":"DEVICES","devices":[{"class":"DEVICE","path":"/dev/ttyUSB0","activated":"2013-11-25T04:41:21.677Z","native":0,"bps":4800,"parity":"N","stopbits":1,"cycle":1.00}]}
(122) {"class":"WATCH","enable":true,"json":false,"nmea":false,"raw":2,"scaled":false,"timing":false,"split24":false,"pps":true}

In fact, this is a change from a bit earlier, where it was claiming to have found TSIP at 38400, but claimed a TSIP driver failure.

Dare I ask what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks, gerry
Gerry Creager
“Big whorls have little whorls,
That feed on their velocity; 
And little whorls have lesser whorls, 
And so on to viscosity.” 
Lewis Fry Richardson (1881-1953)

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