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[gpsd-users] gps_read() returns data with daemon dead

From: Antonio FRANCO
Subject: [gpsd-users] gps_read() returns data with daemon dead
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 18:03:57 +0100


I'm writing a C client able to access to gpsd informations. The version that 
I'm using is the 3.9.
Below  is the fragment of code that realize the data reading cycle:
        if (gps_waiting(&gpsdata, 10000000)) {  // Are there data ?
                readData = 0;
                readData = gps_read(&gpsdata);
                sprintf(buf,"GPSD Read Data: %d",readData);
                if (readData > 0) { // Read data
                    if( != 0) { // GPS not online
                            if(gpsdata.status != STATUS_NO_FIX) { // We have a 
fix point
"GPSstatus"); // set into DB

The code works fine with the 'fake' driver up and running.

But, when I break the daemon the client continues to obtain data (?!) in the 
sense that the gps_waiting() and the gps_read() functions don't returns the 
expected -1 value.

What I made wrong ?

Thanks a lot 

Antonio Franco 

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