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Re: [gpsd-users] Ideas for Kenwood D700 Radio Support

From: IT1 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] Ideas for Kenwood D700 Radio Support
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 06:39:17 -0400
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Well, I was looking at the gpspipe command, which it seems would be able to do the job of sending NMEA strings to a serial port. Whilst the gpspipe is capable of output at 4800 Baud (and so too can the D700 accept 4800 Baud data), I'd like to add a 9600 Baud option to gpspipe.

Moreover, I am curious what the D700 would do when it receives things like the initial blast of JSON data that gpspipe outputs when it initially dumps "-r data". Granted, I could simply add a switch to gpspipe to turn that happening off, but, what about other NMEA strings or Zodiac strings that get sent to the D700? What does the D700 do with them? Just toss them?

The waypoint upload, that is how the D700 sends station information to be plotted to something like the AVMAP?

Seems this might be a really good use for a Pi! The Pi could be used to run gpsd to get EarthMate data via a USB/Serial dongle and then use the serial port on the Pi to output/input to the D700 via a 2.5mm cable. Or just add another USB/Serial dongle to it and keep the internal serial port for console use.

I am just curious, since I think xastir can accept input from the D700, so it might be worth having that pin on my cable (the TX pin from the D700 that sends the waypoint data on it).

V/R and 73,

Stuart, N3GWG


IT1 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR, N3GWG (Extra), MROP

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