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[gpsd-users] hdop vdop pdop <-> NaN

From: Luca
Subject: [gpsd-users] hdop vdop pdop <-> NaN
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 10:58:32 +0200
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Hello List,

I'm using libgpsmm to poll GPS data from a GPSD.

I've troubles polling hdop vdop and pdop, i.e. they are NaN.

Using gpsmom, DOP H, V & P have correct values:
Mode: A 3
Sats: 7 8 21 28
DOP: H=14.8  V=1.0   P=14.9

I've cross compiled GPSD 3.7 for ppc_8xx with the following options:

usb = False
bluez = False
libQgpsmm = False
ncurses = False
python = False
chrpath = False
prefix = '/srv/rec/rootfs-user/usr/local'
target = 'ppc_8xx'
sysroot = '/opt/eldk_4.2/ppc_8xx/usr/include'

>From the code, I'm query as following:


pNewGpsData =

hdop = pNewGpsData->dop.hdop
vdop = pNewGpsData->dop.vdop
pdop = pNewGpsData->dop.pdop


But, hdop, vdop, pdop are NaN.

Can you give me some help?


All the best,

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