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[gpsd-users] after SIGHUP / gpsd daemon dies

From: Roy Barkas
Subject: [gpsd-users] after SIGHUP / gpsd daemon dies
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 09:24:08 +1100

According to the documentation:

"Sending SIGHUP to a running gpsd forces it to close all GPSes and all client connections. It will then attempt to reconnect to any GPSes on its device list and resume listening for client connections. This may be useful if your GPS enters a wedged or confused state but can be soft-reset by pulling down DTR."

When I send a SIGHUP to a running gpsd with only an active tcp:// feed,  gpsd terminates.  My expectation was that gpsd would drop the tcp connection and any clients connected to the control port and then try to restablish the tcp connection.  I didn't expect gpsd to die.

After gpsd has terminated, the log contains the message "gpsd:ERROR: select: Bad file descriptor"

Are my expectations wrong or is something broken?

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