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[gpsd-users] GBS sentence being output by u-blox despite being explicitl

From: Michael Procca
Subject: [gpsd-users] GBS sentence being output by u-blox despite being explicitly disabled
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2012 18:27:24 -0000
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In my start up script, I explicitly disable GBS sentences with the

    echo -ne '$PUBX,40,GBS,0,0,0,0,0,0*4D\r\n' | socat stdin

And later start gpsd as follows:

    /usr/sbin/gpsd /dev/ttyS3

but GBS sentences are still output by u-blox AMY 5 chip.

However, if I use the -b option:

    /usr/sbin/gpsd -b /dev/ttyS3

Then GBS sentences are never output.

According to u-blox support, GBS sentences are disabled by default and I
have searched through the gpsd source code (gpsd-2.96) and cannot find a
UBX,40 message enabling GBS nor a UBX-CFG-MSG. I've read on the FAQ of
some devices going catatonic unless the -b option is used - though it
might be a stretch for it to trigger enabling of GBS.

Has anybody else had this problem and know why the -b option solves it?
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