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[gpsd-users] test_gpsmm.cpp error compiling

From: Diego Aguilera
Subject: [gpsd-users] test_gpsmm.cpp error compiling
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 21:05:22 -0400

I am getting an error trying to compile test_libgpsmm.cpp. First, this is the 
correct file for testing gpsd in a C++ file? According to this page,, I need to use 
test_libgpsmm.cpp which I can not find. I am running Archlinux. I have 
installed gpsd-3.6-2. I have downloaded the tar from the savannah website. I am 
simply running g++ test_gpsmm.cpp to compile. And in case this is a dumb 
question, I want to point out I am not an electrical engineer student and not 
computer science. We are working on a linux based measurement system that will 
be mounted on an off road vehicle. Thanks in advance.

Diego Aguilera

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