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[gpsd-users] MSL-WGS84 separation

From: j8pm0614
Subject: [gpsd-users] MSL-WGS84 separation
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 15:13:09 +0200
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I need an altitude-output in the WGS84 reference system. As it seems I can
only read the altitude as above mean sea level. So I wanted to read the
separation from the GPS device (ublox 6) that should be available in the
struct gps_data_t, but the value returned by the GPSD is always zero for
the separation. I checked the data-stream coming from the GPS and there
the separation appeared correctly in the $GPGGA line of the NMEA-output:
I use a function double wgs84_separation(double lat, double lon) instead,
but it seems to be not very accurate. This is how I wanted to get the

> static struct gps_data_t gpsdata;

> double separation = gpsdata.separation;

this returns 0, while for instance gpsdata.fix.latitude returns the
correct value.
What could be the problem here?

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