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Re: [gpsd-users] GPSd NMEA only parsing GGA, not VTG

From: Tomalak Geret'kal
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] GPSd NMEA only parsing GGA, not VTG
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 22:24:28 +0100
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On 24/04/2012 04:07, Thomas Peel wrote:
I would like to use GPSd on a research vessel to make ship's position available 
to everyone onboard. Therefore, I need to parse generic NMEA GGA and VTG 
sentences. Here is what the sentences look like from the serial port GPSd is 
listening to :


Unfortunately only GGA is parsed. VTG seems to be ignored, though the syntax 
looks correct. Here is a dump of GPSd running with debug level 8 :

gpsd:IO:<= GPS: 
gpsd:DATA: GPGGA: registers fractional time 30401.00
gpsd:WARN: can't use GGA time until after ZDA or RMC has supplied a year.
gpsd:DATA: GGA: hhmmss=030401.00 lat=14.03 lon=-130.15 alt=0.00 mode=3 status=1
gpsd:PROG: GPGGA sentence timestamped 30401.00.
gpsd:PROG: GPGGA starts a reporting cycle.
gpsd:PROG: GPGGA ends a reporting cycle.
gpsd:DATA: packet from /dev/ttyS0 with 
gpsd:IO:<= GPS: $GPVTG,209.25,T,070.17,M,000.10,N,000.18,K,D*23
gpsd:DATA: packet from /dev/ttyS0 with {ONLINE|PACKET}

Testing other sentences reports that GGA, RMC and ZDA only are parsed. All the 
other sentences are ignored like VTG.

Could you please give me some clues on where this problem could come from?

Perhaps you could tell us what behaviour you expect instead, and why. Your question has no premise at present.


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