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Re: [gpsd-users] /etc/default/gpsd

From: Sumner Michael Smith
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] /etc/default/gpsd
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:42:56 -0400
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Hi all,
I'm certainly no expert on this, and in fact, was a bit curious about
the discussion.  I can mention that in my system, based on Ubuntu 11.10,
/etc/default/gpsd *is* the means of putting start-up parameters into
gpsd.  It is sought from /etc/init.d/gpsd or from
/lib/udev/gpsd.hotplug.  gpsd.hotplug will also look for a configuration
in /etc/sysconfig/gpsd, but my system has no such directory, so that
would fail to internal defaults, I suppose, if I did not have

I have a self-built installation of 3.4, and perhaps I'm the one who
decided the configuration, but it was based on the standard Ubuntu
install (which is v2.95, I believe).  I assume that the hotplug script
is the usual means of autostart, but init.d would at least be used if I
do a manual restart.

Does this sound correct?  If I need to change anything, I do it in
/etc/default/gpsd, and all seems to be happy with that.

=mike smith

On 4/12/12 11:08 AM, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Charles Curley <address@hidden>:
>> Is /etc/default/gpsd deprecated?
>> If so, how does one get options to gpsd when launching it from udev
>> hotplug? And there is a bit of spurious code in gpsd.hotplug.
>> If not, gpsd.hotplug needs two lines:
> I have no idea if /etc/default/gpsd is deprecated - not sure what
> distros even use that convention.
> Seems safest just to merge in those environment-variable passthroughs,
> just in case.

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