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[gpsd-users] PPS from kernel into gpsd

From: Tomalak Geret'kal
Subject: [gpsd-users] PPS from kernel into gpsd
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:01:59 +0100
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I've run out of reading material, or I have failed to find any that's directly pertinent.

We have an ARM platform running a busybox distribution of Linux with an attached GPS receiver; the receiver is proprietary and provides PPS via a PIO. A kernel mod maps this PPS through LinuxPPS and makes it available on /dev/pps0. The receiver does not make PPS available over the GPS device's serial connection.

Now I want to use this PPS to steer ntpd in SHM(1), along with the NMEA-derived time that's already serving me well in SHM(0).

According to [1], gpsd can use the RFC 2783 kernel PPS API "for extra accuracy". Can I use it as the sole source of PPS? How? Do I add /dev/pps0 to gpsd's device list? Because gpsd 3.2 didn't like that:

gpsd: control socket connect on fd 5
gpsd: <= control(5): adding /dev/pps0
gpsd: opening read-only GPS data source type 0 and at '/dev/pps0'
gpsd: gpsd_activate(): opened GPS (fd 6)
gpsd: packet sniffer failed sync with /dev/pps0
gpsd: closing GPS=/dev/pps0 (6)

Then some other technique, perhaps?

Any tips appreciated.


[1] - This is still nigh-on impossible to find on Google, which insists on referring to the old site, which presumably may disappear at any time...

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