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Re: Fw: gpsd | Pipeline #174282730 has failed for release-3.21 | 87055e7

From: Bernd Zeimetz
Subject: Re: Fw: gpsd | Pipeline #174282730 has failed for release-3.21 | 87055e73
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 01:05:49 +0200
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On 8/4/20 10:14 PM, James Browning wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 4, 2020, at 12:55 PM Gary E. Miller <> wrote:
>> Yo All!
>> Yesterday the rpm CI worked.  Today it is broken.
>> Anyone know how to fix what RedHat broke last night?
> see merge request 173. It has been broken for a while. It does not
> run on every commit. Instead, I _think_ it runs twice a week. Bernd
> set up the scheduling. I set up the CI job. I have been useless.

Uh, that wasn't me:

16f3ad091c (James Browning  2020-01-28 10:09:49 -0800 325)   only:
16f3ad091c (James Browning  2020-01-28 10:09:49 -0800 326)     - schedules
16f3ad091c (James Browning  2020-01-28 10:09:49 -0800 327)     - tags
16f3ad091c (James Browning  2020-01-28 10:09:49 -0800 328)     - web

Its broken since weeks.
Basically its telling you, that on Fedora /usr/bin/python might either
still point to python2 or to python3. So you are forced to write the
appropriate python version into the shebangs. Scontruct has an option
for that, it should be used.

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