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Re: ✘ Add NEO-M9N NMEA logfile.

From: Fred Wright
Subject: Re: ✘ Add NEO-M9N NMEA logfile.
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 20:08:05 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mon, 3 Aug 2020, Gary E. Miller wrote:
On Mon, 3 Aug 2020 13:50:12 -0700 (PDT)
Fred Wright <> wrote:

No way to "skip", but just turn NMEA off:

   # gpsctl -b

Which is precisely what's been broken for about two months (in
addition to the automatic binary switching).

And now you bring it up?  No other complaints and works for me.

The two months is how long it's been broken, not how long I've known about it. I originally blamed it on the u-blox 9, until discovering that it was more widespread. I reported it in this thread on 14-Jul, though that post landed in the bit bucket and I had to resend it on 29-Jul.

It can wait until after release.

How un-Hippocratic.

Fred Wright

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