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Re: [Gpaint-develop] gnome-2-develop check-in

From: Michael A. Meffie III
Subject: Re: [Gpaint-develop] gnome-2-develop check-in
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 23:01:07 -0400

Michael Meffie wrote:

> Andy Tai wrote:
> > ... and gnome-2-develop can stay as the branch for
> > new development and the new infrastructure :-)
> Andy,
> The files have been checked into the gnome-2-develop branch. Everything 
> compiles
> (except for the print.c code, which is commented out) and links. However the 
> application is not stable yet, as I get an assertion error when I try to run
> the application.  
> Looking at this error briefly, it looks like gtk_widget_get_name() is 
> returning
> the class name of the widgets and not the widget name, as it did in the gnome1
> version. I suspect that glade-2 does not set the widget name like glade did.
> Well the code is checked in, so we have a common base now. My time is 
> limited, but
> I hope we can continue to improve the application and get to version 1.

Whew. where has the time gone. 

I've figured out the problem with the widget names. It was a glade-2 issue. The
names are not included in the widgets by default any more.

I'm still having trouble with my gnome-2 port. <grrrrr>

Mike --

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