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[Gpaint-develop] Fw: Re: gpaint changes

From: Michael A. Meffie III
Subject: [Gpaint-develop] Fw: Re: gpaint changes
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 22:42:43 -0500

Andy wrote:

> Michael, I think your changes definitely warrants a new release! I
> will try to make a new release this coming weekend.


> I will add you to the author list in the about box and remove the
> names of the two X paint authors.

Do you think we should remove the Xpaint authors? I guess we should have
a credits area somewhere for them. You could put me under the credits,
I haven't done that much for gpaint so far.

> Sorry I have not been active in working on gpaint recently due to
> work. I will commit more time to it.

That's not a problem at all. I would love to work on it more, but I was
recently given a lot more responsibilities at work. It doesn't look like
I will be doing much coding anymore at my day job, so gpaint now becomes
my only outlet for coding:) And I have a wife, 2 small children, and a
dog to keep me busy after work:)

Anyway, be sure to commit often so I get your changes. I try to do
things in small increments so I don't seriously break anything:)

I'm still working on the new brush feature. The current code is very
primitive and (fortunately) effects just util.c. 

> By the way, now GNOME 2 seems to have reached a usable state. I build
> GNOME 2 with this "garnome" tool and it is not troublesome any more.
> Download and compiling are very much automated. It seems to be a nicer
> environment than GNOME 1.4, even though now stability is still a
> problem.

I haven't been following the Gnome 2 development at all. I have a lot of

* What is the benefit to gpaint?

* Will we have to have 2 versions, one for gnome 1.x and one for
  gnome 2.x?

* Will we have to change a lot of code?

* What do I need to install?

* Will I be able to work on both?

> GNOME 2's release schedule has been changed so the general release
> will be on May 1. An "extra applications" release will come soon after
> that. I am thinking if we port to GNOME 2 and make sure the existing
> functions work well (fancy stuff, features that do not exist now, can
> wait), maybe we can ride the train and have gpaint included in the
> extra applications. How do you think about this? (We can try to port
> to GNOME 2 after the 0.2.2. release, or we can keep working on the 1.4
> platform and think about porting later.)

I think that is an excellent idea! We should try to lock down the
features and go for a release quality application for the extra apps.
Then gpaint would see a much larger user base. How would the release
numbering work? Would we skip version 1.0 and go to 2.0?

Idealy we need a "1.0" version of gpaint for both platforms. How
much difference is there? Can we have the same code base for both?

PS. Mail to your yahoo account is bouncing. The return message
says you are over your email quota.

Michael A. Meffie III
For every truth, there is an equal and opposite truth.

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