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[Gpaint-develop] gpaint updates

From: Michael A. Meffie III
Subject: [Gpaint-develop] gpaint updates
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 22:12:53 -0500

Hello Andy,

I checked in some more updates to gpaint. The brush and eraser tools are
working much better now. The brush is still limited to a square brush
tip. I'll look into adding different types of brush tips next.

I also updated the application menu bar using glade. It looks less
like xpaint and more like paint brush now. Hopefully, it is more
user friendly.

I added a TODO file to cvs, which has our todo list. I will update this
as I find new problems or think of things to do.

Do you think we could release version 0.2.2 soon?

Take Care, Mike

Michael A. Meffie III
"Happy hacking, folks."--Richard M. Stallman

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