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Re: [gomd-devel] minor flaws

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] minor flaws
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 23:03:59 +0200

Hi roeles.

>- get netload returns a string with ADDERSS, I guess this should be ADDRESS
Ops... I'll correct it ASAP (==now)... ;)

>- wouldn't it be a good idear to combine "get mount" and "get mountusage"?
They share
some info.
This is an idea...

>And now for the less urgend ones :)
>- although autodiscovery works, some requests like "get cpuinfo 257" (where
257 is a
>remote node) don't return the actual info. "get cpuinfo 257" returned only
This is strange... I'll check...

>- Can someone give me the syntax used for answering requests? I mean
something like:
>"($NODEID)($VAR1:$VALUE1)($VAR2:$VALUE2)" or so :)
The syntax is (INFO:VALUE) while the infos change from an option to another

>- Is there an (updated version available of all commands with notes wich
ones work and
>wich ones don't?
check "supported_cmds" (to be updated ASAP).

>cheers and keep up the good work! We'll be ready for a beta imho if we fix
some minor
Thanks for your help! ;)

>Roel "roeles" Baardman


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