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[gomd-devel] gomd-packaging

From: Matthias Rechenburg
Subject: [gomd-devel] gomd-packaging
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:57:15 +0200
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Hi from Matt,

to my mind we need source + binary packages for the gomd
asap to encourage more people to use it.

Attached you will find the first idea of a buildrpm.sh and a gomd.spec.
(put both in gomd/gomd/ directory and execute ./buildrpm.sh)
JP, you will get this mail twice because i do not know if the mailing-list
aproaches my mail with the attachemnet.

We should also think about a monthly cvs-snapshot release 
(maybe even weekly)
or e.g. can we provide a daily tar-ball  ?


have a nice weekend,

E-mail  :  address@hidden
www     : http://www.openmosixview.com
an openMosix-cluster management GUI

onbug=function(){return this.bug.to.author.and.receive['$4,000.00'];};

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