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[gomd-devel] <DAEMON> first import for Secured Cluster-wide eXecution (S

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: [gomd-devel] <DAEMON> first import for Secured Cluster-wide eXecution (SCX)
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 23:43:57 +0200

Hi all.

Here goes the first (incomplete) commit for the SCX facility.

Finally I found a way to execute commands and get correctly the output.
Matt: when finished, you'll be able to run "short" or "long" procs => no
problem at all! Please remember that client timeout can close the conn
before proc exit.

Check the notes below to see what's implemented ATM.




NOTE: first import for preliminar Secured Cluster-wide eXecution (SCX)
- the security check is not linked (but already coded).
- the command ("cat /etc/fstab") is hardcoded and you can't specify it =>
ASAP the complete implementation. By the way: SCX supports "short" or "long"
- the cluster-wide support must be added.

IN connHandler.cpp
(+) added new info: exec cmd/xc/103 => starts a simple SCX test (no security
check is performed, ATM).
(+) cleanups
(-) removed the ACL objects stuff => we'll use the all-inclusive updated
csCollector class.

IN csCollector.h/csCollector.cpp
(+) now the object contains all the cool stuff (ACL, new SCX,..) => threads
(connHandler objects) will use
(+) cleanups

IN scxCheck.h/scxCheck.cpp
(N) used to check and execute command. Commands are executed in separate
(child) process. We get the child process ouput and send it to the client.
(+) added new checkCommand(), parseCommand(), execCommandAndGetChildOutput()
(+) cleanups

IN scxRulebook.h/scxRulebook.cpp
(N) used to read the list (book) of allowed commands.
(+) added new getScxMap(), fillScxMap(), printScxMap() functions.

IN main.cpp
(+) updated to support the changed connHandler class

IN supported_cmds
(+) added new info entry: exec cmd/xc/103.

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