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Re: [gomd-devel] <LIBGOMD>: "pure" C bindings (for libgomd) and an examp

From: Matthias Rechenburg
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] <LIBGOMD>: "pure" C bindings (for libgomd) and an example of use
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 13:03:23 +0200
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Ciao JP,

On Dienstag 02 September 2003 13:14, Gian Paolo Ghilardi wrote:
> Hi all.
> I've started cleaning up libgomd.
> Before playing with info-parsing, I've added bindings for "pure" C clients:
> these functions are only wrappers to functions of libgomd C++ class
> (because C++ string-handling is better and safer than "pure" C one).
> So libgomd can be used by both C (via exported functions) and C++ (via
> exported functions or an handy class) users. I've also added an example of
> use in new contrib/c directory.

best, as we are used from you :)
good idea, so all developers are welcome

many greets,

... and i know i still have a beta release to announce, soon come

> Checkout the notes below for more infos.
> Byez.
> <rejected>
> << CVS NOTES >>
> NOTE: from this release we provide _also_ standard "pure" C functions for
> clients wanting to use the standard C.
> - Check out new cbinding.h/cbindings.cpp files and libiface.h file for more
> infos.
> - Checkout the (new) "pure" C example included in "contrib/c" directory.
> IN libiface.h
> (+) added 6 entries for external "pure" C functions.
>       - extern "C" unsigned int openConn(char* remoteGomdIP, int port);
>       - extern "C" const char* closeConn();
>       - extern "C" const char* getInfo(const char* infoToRequest);
>       - extern "C" const char* getMultilineInfo(const char* infoToRequest,
> const char*  endMsg);
>       - extern "C" const char* getInfoAndCloseConn(const char*
> remoteGomdIP, int port, const char* infoToRequest);
>       - extern "C" const char* getMultilineInfoAndCloseConn(const char*
> remoteGomdIP, int port, const char* infoToRequest, const char* endMsg);
> NOTE: please notice these functions have the same name of the functions of
> libgomd class (used by C++ clients) => the only difference is the use of
> standard C string (const char*) instead of the standard C++ string (STL
> string).
> So a user (wanting to use libgomd) now can choose between C approach and
> C++ one.
> IN cbinding.h/cbindings.cpp
> (+) here the exported "pure" C functions are defined => please notice they
> are only wrappers to the functions of libgomd C++ class (because C++
> string-handling mechanisms are safer than "pure" C ones).
> IN libgomd.h/libgomd.cpp
> (+) removed "pure" C functions (moved to new cbindings.h/cbindings.cpp
> files).
> IN Makefile
> (+) added cbinding files to compilation line
> NOTE: simple "pure" C client example. Uses "exported" C functions of
> libgomd librray to get the infos.
> IN cclient.cpp
> (N) code based cppclient.cpp (removed the dynamic link => library is
> dynamic but statically loaded)
> IN Makefile
> (+) first import
> (+) first import
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