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Re: Can I do a pull request on icecat for version 115?

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: Can I do a pull request on icecat for version 115?
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 01:11:51 -0400

Hi chippy,

On 20 Sep 2023, chippy wrote:
> Hi, I have been working on updating Icecat to version 115.

I wanted to offer a belated "thank you" for getting the ball rolling on
updating IceCat to 115.  I was suffering a bit of writers block at the
time, and your preliminary patches were tremendously helpful in helping
me to get started.  I'm sorry that I was not more communicative at the
time.  I credited you in the Git commit log for the 115.3.0 update,

but most people don't look at that, so I wanted to thank you here as

Thanks also for offering to help other users get started building IceCat
from source.  I would like to write some documentation on how to do
that, but first I need to figure out what to recommend.  Building the
source tarball is easy, with few requirements beyond a POSIX base, Bash,
Python 3, Wget, Mercurial, GnuPG, GNU sed and GNU Coreutils, but
building the binary (outside of GNU Guix) is another matter.  I know
that it can be done on Debian testing, with GNU Guix additionally used
to provide an up-to-date 'cargo' binary, but I'd like to find something
to recommend to people who don't want to run Debian testing with all
that entails.

Anyway, thanks again for your contributions and community spirit.

   Warm regards,

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