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Patch for use Peder Stray's perl-rename package

From: Joan Figueras
Subject: Patch for use Peder Stray's perl-rename package
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2021 17:24:09 +0200
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Hello. In Archlinux the official package perl-rename comes from this Perl module [1] by Peder Stray.

The syntax is a bit different from Robin Barker's File::Rename used in makeicecat.

I've written a patch that distinguish what is the installed package and then apply the correct syntax. Perhaps is a bit dirty, but it works on my system (attached).

Also I saw that these regexp 's/fennec/icecatmobile/;' and 's/Fennec/IceCatMobile/;' in apply_batch_branding() are not necessary anymore. Seems that perl-rename from Robin Barker returns 0 in case there isn't a match. Peder Stray's perl-rename returns 1 in that case. So I've removed it.

For now, this patch is included in IceCat's Archlinux AUR package. But it would be great if is accepted upstream.

Thank you

PD: Probably there is a better coding to do it :p


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