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Re: IceCat crashed when try to play HTML videos

From: Antonio T. sagitter
Subject: Re: IceCat crashed when try to play HTML videos
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2021 20:43:23 +0200
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I suspect that the error is linked to Rust (we're using rust-1.51 in Fedora).
The debugging output is attached to the RedHat bug:

On 4/7/21 8:15 PM, Mark H Weaver wrote:
Hi Antonio,

"Antonio T. sagitter" <> writes:
Just for info: what version of Rust had you used to build IceCat?

Guix currently uses Rust 1.41.1 to build IceCat.

Since the messages include an error that looks to be related to the
sandbox, you might try running IceCat with MOZ_SANDBOX_LOGGING=1 and
watching the debugging output while reproducing the bug.  See
for more.


Antonio Trande
Fedora Project
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