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Re: housekeeping changes

From: Michał Dec
Subject: Re: housekeeping changes
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 12:34:43 +0100
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Hello Amin,

I'm very happy to see a lot of changes here! I've taken a close look.

I like that references to /tmp only exist in prepare_macos_packaging function, which won't violate Portage workspaces.

We could still change the shebang from "#!/bin/bash" to "#!/usr/bin/env bash" to at least increase FreeBSD compatibility. From what I remember, they would also require aliasing sed into gsed and make into gmake, since they have BSD and GNU counterparts of some of the most basic tools. That aliasing cannot be reflected on Linux distributions however, so I would say it's not up to us and this script to take care of this particular gap that sets these systems apart.

Great work!

Best regards,


W dniu 31.01.2021 o 06:34, Amin Bandali pisze:
Hi bill,

Thanks for the patch(es)!  I cherry-picked your patches along with a
series of tweaks and fixes into a temporary refactor-into-functions [0]
branch, squashing and rewording them in form of two commits.  I think my
commit messages are reasonably descriptive, but if you or anyone else
have suggestions for improvements please let me know.


If there are no objections I will do a fast-forward merge of
'refactor-into-functions' into 'master' in a few days and will
delete the temporary branch afterwards.

As a potential next step, would you be interested in looking through
Michał's "bug#41054: Breaking up makeicecat into functions" patch ([1])
from a while ago (my apologies Michał for the delay in getting to this)
and apply a similar finer breakdown of some of the functions?


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