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Re: IceCat's devtools.debugger.remote-enabled = true & uMatrix

From: Brian Booth
Subject: Re: IceCat's devtools.debugger.remote-enabled = true & uMatrix
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2020 10:58:08 +0800
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I've notice a lot of people say that about uMatrix. In my case though, I've found it quite easy to use - the matrix layout is one major reason.

I use it with NoScript and HTTPSEverywhere on the upstream latest releases - they all complement each other with some overlap. I've had no problems dealing with any conflict the three way combination may have presented me so far.

My headache is with Mozilla's really bad documentation (and often lack of) of every "about:config" preference. Good luck finding documentation about their hidden preferences in a hurry!

On 19/06/20 22:51, qorg11 wrote:
On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 07:50:20AM +0000, Konstantin Sudakov wrote:
I was wondering what would be the rationale behind leaving
"devtools.debugger.remote-enabled" set to TRUE in a heavily
privacy-oriented browser.

Also, uMatrix extension is easier, more flexible, advanced and effective
than TPRB. Could that also be packaged into IceCat?

uMatrix is a hard to use extension in my opinion. I don't think it should be 
added by
default. Instead, let users enable (Or disable) it in the about:icecat page.
I think it should be enabled by default.

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