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Re: IceCat-68 Help -> About IceCat

From: Antonio Trande
Subject: Re: IceCat-68 Help -> About IceCat
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2019 19:46:39 +0100
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Hi Mark, thanks for your reply.

I'm using the code hosted on my GitLab space [1] including your latest
patches, IceCat source archive is built by running `makeicecat` but i
guess the changes i had made for previous releases aren't correct any more.


On 10/11/19 19:18, Mark H Weaver wrote:
> Hi Antonio,
> Antonio Trande <address@hidden> wrote:
>> `Help -> About Icecat` window is not showed correctly yet for me:
>> XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </vbox>.
>> Location: chrome://browser/content/aboutDialog.xul
>> Line Number 58, Column 13:          </description>
> Thanks for this report.  I have not encountered this issue myself, and
> I've not seen other reports of this, although I don't know how many
> people have tried looking at the "About IceCat" dialog.  On my Guix
> system, using icecat-68.2.0-guix0-preview3, the about dialog works.
> Can you tell me more details about how you built it?  In particular:
> * How did you generate the source tarball?  If you built it using Guix,
>   which preview version is it?  If you ran 'makeicecat' manually, which
>   commit of the gnuzilla repo did you use?
> * What can you tell me about the build configuration?
> * Which language do you have configured for localized strings in
>   IceCat's user interface elements?
> FYI, the relevant code is in ./browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul in
> the source tarball, and I think it must refer to this section, because
> it's the only place where </description> begins in column 13:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
>             <description class="text-blurb" id="communityExperimentalDesc" 
> data-l10n-id="community-exp">
>               <label is="text-link" href=""; 
> data-l10n-name="community-exp-mozillaLink"></label>
>               <label is="text-link" useoriginprincipal="true" 
> href="about:credits" data-l10n-name="community-exp-creditsLink"></label>
>             </description>
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> In the original source, the </description> is on line 132, and after I
> performed preprocessing manually, it ended up on line 55.  I guess maybe
> I removed more newlines than the real processor does.
> My best guess of what happened here is that maybe one of the localized
> strings (referred to by the 'data-l10n-name' attributes) contained a
> <vbox> without a matching </vbox>.
>      Thanks,
>        Mark

Antonio Trande
Fedora Project
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