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[PATCH] Add first batch of IceCat-specific preferences

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: [PATCH] Add first batch of IceCat-specific preferences
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 16:55:19 -0400


I've attached a proposed patch that adds most of the IceCat-specific
preferences to <about:preferences#privacy>.

Compared with IceCat-60, the preferences that are not added in this
patch are:

(1) The ability to completely disable with a single checkbox "Tracking
    protection", which I think requires a bit more thought and perhaps
    should be integrated with the "Content Blocking" section at the top
    of <about:preferences#privacy>.

(2) The three preferences "GNU LibreJS", "Reveal hidden HTML", and
    "Block third-party requests", which are merely shortcuts for
    enabling/disabling IceCat-bundled extensions, and can be done from

I should also mention that the hyperlinks that were present in some of
the descriptions of the preferences in IceCat-60 are now lost.  You'll
find them in the source code of the following commit, but they are
effectively ignored by the machinery that loads them.
Also, although I made an effort to include localized messages for
Spanish, French, and Italian from the IceCat-60 preferences, I've not
yet been able to test them, because at least in the preliminary
IceCat-68 package on Guix, the mechanism for selecting another language
for the user interface elements seems to be broken.  That's another
issue for the TODO list, and I'd be grateful for help on it.


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Description: [PATCH] Add first batch of IceCat-specific preferences

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