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[Gnuzilla-dev] I am really getting sick of this. Goodbye

From: Daniel Quintiliani
Subject: [Gnuzilla-dev] I am really getting sick of this. Goodbye
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 22:39:09 -0400 (EDT)


I am sick and effing tired of the project going nowhere because all we do is 
argue over the same crap while the developers can't make up their mind on what 
to do before the next already-obsolete version is released. I've seen more 
fringe opinions with IceCat than I've seen in any other software program. The 
truth is nobody in IceCat cares about providing freedom to those in need of it, 
which IceCat is in a crucial position for right now, they just like to argue 
and troll and come up with nutty ideas, like that troll a few months ago who 
said that closed-source OSes should receive no security updates for any 
software at all, and now we got another weirdo who is putting out similar 
rants. The GNU project is about providing freedom to people who need it, not 
*deliberately* harming people's lives with insecure software just because they 
use closed-source OSes. I switched to Pale Moon months ago because, thanks to 
the trolls who hold back development, IceCat is dangerous to use. I'm tired of 
trolls. Have fun with your troll web browser, I won't be recommending it to 
anyone anymore on any OS, closed or open.


-Dan Q

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