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Re: Attempting migration from ->

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Attempting migration from ->
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 14:33:13 +0100
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I'd second the suggestion to go with GitHub Actions. With the vmactions thing, you can do FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris CI on the free Mac runners. It looks as if native FreeBSD support isn't too far away.


On 09/07/2021 09:52, Niels Grewe wrote:
Hey folks,

I have no particular knowledge of the travis org/com migration thing. Back when 
I set upthe CI pipeline, travis-ci was one of the very few options available. 
Nowadays, I‘d definitely pick Azure Pipelines over travis-ci. But GitHub 
Actions might be worth looking at if a migration is inevitable. It‘s always 
shell scripts in a YAML sandwich anyways.



Sent on the road

Am 09.07.2021 um 10:29 schrieb David Chisnall <>:

On 08/07/2021 13:35, Gregory Casamento wrote:
I am seeing the following message when trying to migrate.   David, do you own 
these configs on travis?

I don't think I own (or have ever touched) any of the Travis things. Niels set 
this up.  For the runtime, I use Azure Pipelines for Windows / Linux / macOS 
tests, Cirrus CI for FreeBSD.


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