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Re: Cairo backend seems broken - mainScreen visibleFrame has no size

From: Sergii Stoian
Subject: Re: Cairo backend seems broken - mainScreen visibleFrame has no size
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 12:24:30 +0200

Hi Riccardo,

On Sun, Feb 2, 2020 at 11:18 PM Sergii Stoian <address@hidden> wrote:

On Feb 2, 2020, at 17:44, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote:


On 2/1/20 11:32 PM, Sergii Stoian wrote:

Yes it helps! now applications start both locally and remotely

I got only one kind of error now and only once a the first start of Ink.
starting it again, no error, so I do wonder and will keep an eye on it
and also test on other computers.

Good. I've done testing myself and found more flows in current implementation.
I start working on solution and almost done. You can find more fixes in 'randr' branch of libs-back.

I fear the latest changes made window opening slower, I tested also on good and up-to-date computers with fine video card.

What do you mean by “opening slower”? Timeout between user action (click, key equivalent press) and window appearing?
Window is drawn slowly on first appear? 

No further explanation needed. Yesterday I've faced the same problem and fixed that.

no more X-Windows errors.

> Out of curiosity, do you have XRandR enabled and it's not working?
> What is the Xorg log messages about it?

How can I know? xome option to the "xrandr" command?

Do you observe some good "xrandr" output?

in the sense that it reports correct screen size? then yes.

It is true both for local as remote displays.

As I already wrote - I know what the cause of a problem. I’ve almost completed new implementation. 
Please wait for commits in ‘randr’ branch.


I've found cause of a problem and fixed that. Could you please try te lastest code in `randr` branch?
Sergii Stoian

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