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Re: PCButton - tracking rect

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: PCButton - tracking rect
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 09:39:11 +0200

> Am 22.05.2019 um 08:53 schrieb Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden>:
> Sergii Stoian wrote:
>> I've wrote tooltips for ProjectCenter PCButton's implementation. After that 
>> someone has copied this implementation into NSView.
>> I looked into ProjectCenter sources long time ago. I was convinced that 
>> PCButton's private tooltips implementation was replaced with NSView's.
> I removed the custom ToolTip implementation in PCButton and removed the 
> custom stuff. Now, very little of PCButton remains, just some graphic 
> settings, essentially.
> The good news is that it works as before.
> The bad news is that there were certain bugs in the tooltips and they remain 
> :) This means.. that the NSView implementation has taken them over 1 to 1.
> With windowmaker, some tooltips work, sometimes they don't show, the 
> behaviour is
> - move pointer over button
> - TT doesn't show
> - while it doesn't show, the WindowMaker icon gets grey (looses Application 
> Icon) and sometimes even jumps (focus lost?)
> - slight mouse move over the same "target", ToolTip appears and WindowMaker 
> shows app icon again, everything fixed
> I remember discussing this a while back with Fred. Do you notice that too? 
> I'm testing with ProjectCenter, I will look for other apps that have 
> tooltips, but now PC should be really "standard“.

If I remember correctly the reason for the described behaviour is that the 
tooltip window shows up, but is behind the normal window. This sadly is a 
rather general issue in GNUstep we don’t get the window manager to agree on the 
window stacking.

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