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Re: [Gnushogi-devel] Comparing GNUShogi 1.2 and later versions

From: Justin Vreeland
Subject: Re: [Gnushogi-devel] Comparing GNUShogi 1.2 and later versions
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:53:30 -0700

> Note sure when I'll be able to free some time to debug this, but if I'm not
> doing that first that's probably a good entry point for someone wanting to
> have a closer look at the AI in there!

I'm definitly intrested in taking a look, thanks for the heads up!

> About CrazyWa, no I did not yet get onto this, but a but in the early version
> of a packaged software is rarely a problem for long :)
>> I attached the XS2WB source. Link with lpthread. The XBoard command I
>> used
>> was:
>> xboard -variant shogi -fcp "./xs2wb debug ./gnushogi" -scp ./crazywa

I was able to run this and watch the two engines play against
each other, however I seem to be missing a setting.  After a game
completes a new game immediatly begins and I can't seem to find a
way to recover/save the pgn from the previous one.  In another email
you showed a sequence of 40 games with every game in the png and I'd
like to be able to reproduce that.  I was hoping to have crazywa play
against 1.2 and see if the regression in ability could be narrowed to
1.2-1.4 instead of 1.2-1.5.


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