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[reclaim-ui] branch master created (now 1617025)

From: gnunet
Subject: [reclaim-ui] branch master created (now 1617025)
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 23:21:32 +0200

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

martin-schanzenbach pushed a change to branch master
in repository reclaim-ui.

      at 1617025  update dependencies

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 4d8ea19  Initial commit
     new 253233a  Migrated from internal devops without history
     new 46df9a9  add gitignore
     new 0f787bf  add yarn lock
     new 3359780  forgot file
     new 1cc527e  update deps
     new ba99ea9  readme update
     new baaedb4  change title, readme
     new 8487842  fix cors
     new ec75f85  optimised Dockerfile -> yarn running all the time (unintended)
     new a3da63a  resolved #1
     new 9f2cdd9  implemented functionality for redirecting for access_denied #2
     new e0658e2  added error desc for access_denied
     new cdfbdcb  towards cancel ng
     new 2a8e9c5  See previous commit
     new 5f4111e  Update
     new 0760ec3  add CI
     new b3d373c  hash tag not needed for this image
     new 10c4ede  update
     new 2676122  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c0b3c81  make webex ready!
     new e5383fa  changes
     new a393e88  update
     new bd116b7  dep update
     new 58d5ecb  make webex ready!
     new 1f4e287  changes
     new d929376  update icon
     new 455a3e8  updates merge
     new 4cb9bcd  update icon again
     new 8726332  clear local storage
     new 6c5bc5d  update to new delete api call
     new 26074f5  merge master
     new cc343f2  bugfix
     new 39aeeaf  backport
     new 1c44258  update
     new 35eedba  update button
     new 3c82cd8  update button/icon
     new f7a7f3f  updates
     new cc77729  border
     new cc02239  dont push webext build as image
     new a198767  update
     new abf1914  remove browser stuff
     new a9c8a7a  modify styles
     new 1a2bdd3  modify styles
     new 83c25d9  fix
     new dbedc9c  style
     new 1308be1  fighting with chrome
     new 71f7e58  fighting with chrome
     new 3abebf3  update
     new 3a1ee5c  update
     new eb77f14  update
     new 24e9e3d  update
     new 32cc479  merge w conflicts
     new e2d74c4  update
     new e9dbb39  route
     new 547d31a  do not filter id and reclaim
     new 1cd432d  update readme
     new fd154fe  use raw link
     new ce67c41  update
     new 811272d  update dependencies
     new 4cb1d04  update style
     new 0e24470  v0.1.0
     new d50a55d  update to recent change regarding tld lookups
     new 16bc1cf  update deps
     new 416831a  html template updated
     new 326862e  overlay fix
     new 8933aea  removal of unused import
     new f386702  Merge branch 'offline_overlay' into 'master'
     new 45d055c  fix reload of webpage
     new 2d63b34  add spinner
     new 85eb30f  change authz request
     new 3033d89  change wording
     new 4d3953b  add padding for header
     new 572f83f  entity name and revoke button fixed
     new 3e8dc2a  ticket list fixed attributes and added revoke confirmation
     new eca9e09  openid logo properly placed
     new 86dfb37  identity list minor fix
     new 69e1c4c  Merge branch 'ticket_list' into 'master'
     new e7a88f9  polish ui
     new 8c42910  style update
     new ad94611  identity card
     new 22428ad  fix missing div
     new 4ce9574  prevent authorization on unverified clients
     new 281d6bb  fix client name check
     new 1b8f717  fix client name check #2
     new 7e12e16  fix client name check #3
     new a739400  fix client name check #4
     new 9c2a45d  prettify information
     new 2871fa9  actually display info
     new aba585a  clarify state
     new edb3afc  fix html
     new ef9ad7a  layout fixes
     new add2eeb  update ui
     new 2a64cc8  minor
     new c1b777c  update deps
     new ec4a4e7  openid logo fix
     new 7db50e2  open id logo: removed float altogether
     new 5f092f9  openid hotfix
     new 5a64d01  Merge branch 'openid_logo_fix' into 'master'
     new f085265  warning if identity name already exists
     new 516e1e7  minor update to last fix
     new 2e4fdc3  Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
     new d3b2d42  disable button on duplicate ID name
     new f0f92ac  indicate disabled button properly
     new 1777ea5  add reclaim watermark
     new 6531757  changed authentication ui and gnunet offline information, 
added modals
     new a1d775a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 87ee616  Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
     new 6688fa9  authentication screen minor updates + search bar for 
     new b5dec2e  reverted minor false changes
     new c4322cb  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c85576a  added search pipe provider to fix build issue, change search 
     new 0fea6e0  fixed a persistent bug
     new cfcb467  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6342d3f  reverted minor change
     new af0275f  authentication screen update - retry client verification
     new f05a444  Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
     new 02263ce  add unkown name
     new 8b5dca5  added search pipe provider to fix build issue, change search 
     new 122d915  Updated to Angular 8 * Used new RxJS 6-style operators * 
Fixed linting errors
     new 31959e5  Merge branch 'angular-8' into 'master'
     new 9428bef  remove cruft
     new 9e7882e  move cancel button
     new 9ff5422  move all buttons
     new 244fa80  minor
     new 34f1b38  change add identity button
     new 7f852bd  prettify search icon
     new 46a5b10  update
     new 300368e  fix #13
     new 14c3917  added button for canceling client verification
     new c9e4251  Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
     new 3e1ebc7  do not re-authorize
     new f7d1e91  cancel authZ by removing parameters
     new 54baec6  flush route on cancel
     new bf6a6b5  hard reset
     new bc2cb4f  softer reset
     new 2596d6f  only retry once
     new 2ec09ac  we actually dont need the retry
     new 74d4f4c  timeout
     new 9c42d50  fix for issue #16
     new 812eb89  Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
     new 5804d4e  fix forjoin bug
     new e682fa7  add error dialogs; fix bugs
     new c6ae438  edited openid service to support PKCE
     new d6514fc  Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
     new 267a549  minor style
     new f5c0d0e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6b39ad7  fix style
     new 6bb1a33  change wording
     new 1034fdb  more working
     new e3d517e  modal positioning
     new 7b1ef1d  dependency updates; minor bugfix
     new 602c3ad  update logo
     new 624cd82  start extracting components
     new ab8c57a  fixes
     new 1bc23a6  better track oidc flow
     new d85d797  followup fix
     new ba87ca8  fix styles; fix new and edit links
     new 06a3740  more refactoring
     new c70e4b3  hash does not work with webext
     new 089a5a9  no slash
     new 0a81863  fix modal bug
     new b35ff0d  style
     new 5d4a083  update
     new cd29ed8  minor fixes
     new fe974b7  return if redirect
     new a58261c  more refactoring and cleanup
     new 2066e2c  actually initiate verify
     new a21e7c9  display name correctly
     new 89a7440  update dependencies
     new 9bfd716  fix
     new 08ad046  manual merge from due to 
     new 48c2294  various fixed and improvements
     new 2e99c52  fix build
     new d4a10de  fix
     new 8d7dc68  only show refs when requested
     new c4408ff  fix getter
     new b9254d1  handle optional refs
     new 6eec586  fix
     new 383e254  clarify optional attributes
     new 6100b1b  actually fix reference name display
     new b69a359  actually add references to request
     new 73eb74f  hack constant attestation button against local IdP
     new 289ac2e  fix save button
     new 3f36d63  minor fixes
     new 2c45b21  update to new API and structure
     new 70eec99  add issuer display
     new 05cb0f4  add expiration
     new 52dbb22  experimental switch added
     new 75662b7  new api
     new 4905c7a  update to angular9; minor bugfixes
     new 7da70bc  minor fixes
     new 715f7bf  update dependencies
     new 9d4c7ee  fix attest parsing
     new 7899ffb  fix parsing claims parameter
     new 26fc4d0  issuer discoverable
     new f21dd73  link to fhg account
     new 552645f  back to where it should be
     new e7a797e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e4ec465  webfinger
     new c1a9448  started integrating oauthservice for attestation
     new 4a9d619  update dependencies
     new f7cb5c2  yarn.lock
     new b2770e3  merge yarn.lock
     new b1a7878  login via omejdn:api works
     new 5f1b713  attestation name added
     new 54718ec  improved emailNotFoundAlert
     new 1fe7233  store idProvider/Attestation(not working)
     new 860454f  trying to save accesstoken in localStorage
     new 5fc7dd0  new Attestation created
     new f8e10b6  update dependencies
     new 5ccd47c  Add typescript dependency to make modules happy.
     new ac2d6b8  Attestation is added after account is linked
     new 287d83f  package.json
     new 5f9c503  merge
     new 75dc44e  idProvider stored in localStorage and loaded to authorization 
     new 2f4a00f  fixed attestation-save (already existing attestations were 
always added again)
     new 51e33c8  login works properly
     new d1f96d6  merge webfinger-service and oauth-helper-service into 
     new 9371f51  attestation name duplication prevented + trying to logout on 
     new 9d8d8e7  logout on server side works #19
     new 3a8a7a6  omejdn:api scope deleted
     new c711c96  button label changed
     new ad0debe  random token request deleted
     new cf2dec3  added logout url to webfinger
     new c8dfd08  nothing important
     new b615c3d  redirect now to edit-attestations/clientname should be 
edit-identity/clientname #20
     new 6d41e8f  redirect to edit-attestation after linking account
     new 69c0f97  fix
     new 76e7bb8  fix webfinger
     new 2a7a34a  maing
     new 20b83d5  update dependencies
     new 56fffad  make discovery experimental
     new 456fac4  adding attestation works
     new f82ffb3  code duplicates removed
     new de0f118  redirect after logout from idProvider
     new f9fb8fc  moved IdProvider-Linking to edit-attestations
     new 5f3c09f  improved error massage
     new e605c73  -fix expiration date display
     new 52a4f94  scopes after idProviderDiscovery
     new 84abf17  formatting
     new b7232ed  more style
     new 6b9e540  fix
     new ee0149d  fix
     new 5a4dc9b  improved scope display
     new b58d25d  scopes in configuration
     new 5695f3c  fix
     new 6732561  minor info change
     new 1658670  fix conflict
     new c2d6414  fix
     new 600a148  fix
     new 9537e16  minor fix
     new 7e47afe  improve error/retry UX
     new ca7cd0d  fix array splicing
     new f9abc43  remove env
     new bf0d855  fix: ftbfs
     new 5219dee  minor wording change
     new a020913  -minor
     new 98e83f7  fix attribute updates and display
     new 79437c7  fix flag settings
     new 091f5d2  towards cleanup of codebase and fixes
     new 9e40919  some cleanup
     new 7ff4a52  add spinner when saving
     new 744c90a  fix phone number claim name; pass claims parameter
     new 0c4d7c8  fix
     new 5562fd3  include(s)
     new 43732a0  refactoring, style
     new 2b8eaee  style
     new 1ade095  mark requested attributes
     new 8d75229  improve authz display
     new 98aa64d  fix
     new 7a9898a  fix
     new f47ba85  better requested claim handling
     new 3fed0cf  fix
     new 1d289ac  more info boxes
     new b039477  more test
     new bbca4c6  fix style
     new e63d636  fix display requested
     new 478f547  fix
     new 6cf44b5  fix
     new fc80ddd  fix
     new 1da0861  style change
     new 3ab52a2  fix claim display; better style
     new 7dfc711  attested values
     new 3102fdf  fix
     new 4e6b45e  fix
     new 9b7e6eb  add danger
     new 52e321e  fix
     new f6302ff  fix
     new 5b53dfa  move info alert
     new 1c243cb  fix
     new 0e43318  update
     new ff03601  make tables responsive
     new ad0360c  add padding
     new abbc99a  better responsiveness
     new 82965ba  minor fix
     new 4bd1204  fix claim processing
     new cc516a0  fix
     new b6ff9d4  fix claim missing check
     new 4624b6f  fix class on missing non-standard claims display
     new 01d47c6  more fixes
     new 45351f6  better info
     new 7d5b63f  fix booleans and function calls
     new 145caf2  fix
     new 899ad8b  renamed attestations to credentials
     new 99af089  update style
     new b54f079  fix
     new 516c4ce  style for buttons
     new 42cdce3  fix button hover text
     new f155d50  fix margins, checkboxes
     new 6d67830  fix experimental credential selection
     new ee3eafa  fix
     new 5a39295  open redirect removed
     new e884eda  start i18n
     new c04c4f0  add localize package
     new 93cf8d7  add more i18n
     new 9c4f4d1  add englisch message.json file
     new ac59f42  remove all i18n
     new 0509517  internationalization finished
     new fa15926  works on chrome
     new 9c491ad  I18n
     new 20a59c9  Merge branch 'i18n' into 'master'
     new 10d019d  small fix
     new e5e80cd  Merge branch 'master' into 'i18n'
     new 1e61a18  Merge branch 'i18n' into 'master'
     new ccebe37  fix compilation
     new 047af24  new localesService
     new 38699ed  fix
     new f4f0ec8  towards better i18n
     new a83e5f6  replace service
     new 60ee913  more i18n
     new 774481d  copy locale
     new d29b110  Added translation using Weblate (German)
     new a9eb8b8  update
     new f848ecf  add template
     new 63d7c4e  Translated using Weblate (English)
     new 64e5628  update en
     new e522fcb  update en
     new 701af47  Translated using Weblate (German)
     new c63c861  Translated using Weblate (English)
     new 5e47947  remove template
     new ef8d197  Translated using Weblate (German)
     new 4165863  fix
     new d5d445c  translate claims and scopedescription
     new 959cc77  fix
     new 7424054  id token is credential
     new 0b66f59  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 414d1a1  fix
     new 0896809  fix translations
     new de34581  do not escape
     new 34ec695  make parser happy
     new a941b44  update
     new 3eb7e4f  periodic running test
     new 4e807e2  redirect at api request
     new b5c129b  fix
     new be8bdc9  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6f4ca31  reduce update time
     new af8a888  clean up
     new ba8bb8b  prettify button
     new 758ce83  clean up
     new 2a49fa6  authorization request dialog in identity list
     new eb25ce7  missing credential source
     new f9f0686  fix radio button
     new 344e0af  fine tuning authorization
     new 885535b  preserve history on authz redirect
     new 5f83ff8  fix
     new 878064c  towards better attribute import
     new 06b05b0  settings page, experiments tweaks
     new 516c924  add code for straight attribute import
     new 167d46e  build fix
     new 1f67802  attribute import done
     new 50d65b5  fix defaults loading
     new 17081b1  fix credential string lowercase
     new 58e00a0  logout before login
     new ab336d8  blacklist some claims
     new d188e1e  updatte attribute info
     new 2e5e58a  ignore some profile claims
     new fec52d8  update
     new cb4f71c  minor
     new 2ff5aa7  quality of life improvements
     new 3e47b9c  even more quality of life improvements
     new 9dfd332  style adjustments
     new 834e741  better credential selection
     new bf6457a  move info for import
     new 02d501d  fix bugs with requested attributes
     new cff2e41  fix import for browser plugin, other import may be broken
     new 10a2249  update
     new 029c279  significantly simplify identity edit
     new a4194a5  update
     new 8a61ffa  update dependencies
     new 4c9e10a  fix requested attribute
     new 93e28b3  fix
     new 9f7d439  display all missing claims
     new e62d58b  fix default selection
     new 6ef3b12  fix
     new 9ded085  relax attribute requirements
     new ca113f4  fix address handling
     new 8f3bc1e  select attributes to overwrite
     new b026ffa  update
     new dd0ff08  fix
     new b5a4672  improve import logic and UI
     new c7c9ca1  fix icons, translations
     new f95cc30  update state loading
     new 6d9604e  fix
     new 746d9c5  fix search icon
     new d60ba56  allow authorization from edit component
     new 482d673  use share icon
     new 9def715  various fixes
     new 01cfa1d  fix scope name
     new 6f8e9b5  enable filtering
     new 8abf541  fix
     new 2af62d7  quality of life improvements
     new a9fd491  show profile picture in edit
     new fe62fe3  replace table
     new 0457d03  table header
     new 6424584  fix
     new 55dba06  slim down attribute import
     new bb8f7af  more cleanup
     new 83266d9  remove tables, remove spinner, fix authorizations page
     new af8b325  fix
     new 933809d  import fix
     new 4823072  fix credential overwrite
     new ff9210b  add spinner
     new 8325dc6  support student bfh addresses
     new 938ffd9  fix logo
     new 1e30f25  bump dependencies to address security issues
     new 75c1665  bumped all dependencies (apart from npm audit fix) to their 
respective newest version
     new 89f840d  Merge branch '21-confidential-issue' into 'master'
     new 9446f09  yarn upgrade
     new a8afd62  mini fix
     new bb3357d  Added translation using Weblate (Portuguese)
     new a0d34c2  Translated using Weblate (German)
     new f640d18  Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
     new d94facf  Added translation using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
     new c3db4e1  Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
     new a823a39  Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
     new 0d2c0cc  Added translation using Weblate (Italian)
     new 5381903  Added translation using Weblate (Spanish)
     new 940383b  Added translation using Weblate (Russian)
     new 479973f  Added translation using Weblate (French)
     new c98aff8  Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)
     new a057096  Translated using Weblate (Italian)
     new c07c3d6  Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
     new 4356f83  Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
     new b7cddff  Translated using Weblate (Italian)
     new 7035c44  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new ff9cb57  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new c7ec063  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new 11279e9  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new f6d37c0  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new abf4f43  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new 1c66352  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new db52902  Translated using Weblate (French)
     new 1141adf  start pabc work
     new 0824ad1  fix module include
     new 959a711  pabc fixes
     new bd5dbd7  fix
     new da5334b  fix: recover properly after failed webfinger
     new 1617025  update dependencies

The 459 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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