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[gnurl] annotated tag curl-7_73_0 created (now db9629e4c)

From: gnunet
Subject: [gnurl] annotated tag curl-7_73_0 created (now db9629e4c)
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 01:23:47 +0100

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

nikita pushed a change to annotated tag curl-7_73_0
in repository gnurl.

      at db9629e4c (tag)
 tagging 315ee3fe75dade912b48a21ceec9ccda0230d937 (commit)
 replaces curl-7_72_0
      by Daniel Stenberg
      on Wed Oct 14 07:50:45 2020 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

     new 80d73bcca tls: provide the CApath verbose log on its own line
     new 5bb172157 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 7f8863f74 dist: add missing CMake Find modules to the distribution
     new 6b60767bd TODO: Virtual external sockets
     new 15f76a50e runtests: clear pid variables when failing to start a server
     new 327bd5d02 runtests: avoid 'fail to start' repeated messages in attempt 
     new 38039da76 Makefile.m32: add ability to override zstd libs [ci skip]
     new 712d16cbe KNOWN_BUGS:  'no_proxy' string-matches IPv6 numerical 
     new d71ac6711 runtests: make cleardir() erase dot files too
     new 88b1ca7cb CURLE_PROXY: new error code
     new fab518527 sftp: add new quote commands 'atime' and 'mtime'
     new bc3b5bcf8 setopt: if the buffer exists, refuse the new BUFFERSIZE
     new 98c94596f etag: save and use the full received contents
     new 4be1f8dc0 curl: support XDG_CONFIG_HOME to find .curlrc
     new 4ebac0610 checksrc: verify do-while and spaces between the braces
     new ddf47bbc0 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new ebc6c54c7 sftp: add the option CURLKHSTAT_FINE_REPLACE
     new 510d98157 configure: fix pkg-config detecting wolfssl
     new 5620d2cc7 curl: add --output-dir
     new 3a9042ea1 docs: --output-dir is added in 7.73.0, nothing else
     new 0f7c332f9 select.h: make socket validation macros test for 
     new e21bd22f8 select: fix poll-based check not detecting connect failure
     new 17f58c8d9 select: reduce duplication of Curl_poll in Curl_socket_check
     new d2a7d7c18 multi: implement wait using winsock events
     new 3334ee6bc multi: expand pre-check for socket readiness
     new 259a81555 lib1560: verify "redirect" to double-slash leading URL
     new be753add3 winbuild: convert the instruction text to
     new f31b2e7cb winbuild/ make <options> visible
     new 7691f68ba ngtcp2: adapt to the new pkt_info arguments
     new a6a17662f doh: add error message for DOH_DNS_NAME_TOO_LONG
     new 99119fc8a git: ignore libtests in 3XXX area
     new 01e2679b4 schannel: fix memory leak when using get_cert_location
     new ce88e21c7 curl_get_line: build only if cookies or alt-svc are enabled
     new d854572cc socketpair: allow CURL_DISABLE_SOCKETPAIR
     new fbe07c682 openssl: Fix wincrypt symbols conflict with BoringSSL
     new 7731c3588 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 9ee5701f1 HTTP/3: update to OpenSSL_1_1_1g-quic-draft-29
     new 6ebe63fac options: API for meta-data about easy options
     new ad691b191 configure: added --disable-get-easy-options
     new 4608fa4ae scripts: improve the "get latest curl release tag" logic
     new 0da301a08 docs/libcurl: update "Added in" version for curl_easy_option*
     new 616c30ad6 lib: make Curl_gethostname accept a const pointer
     new 85868537d buildconf: invoke 'autoreconf -fi' instead
     new 3165ea053 curl.1: fix typo invokved -> invoked
     new 0ac310a82 docs: non-existing macros in man pages
     new c77f6fd1c docs: SSLCERTS: fix English syntax
     new 68a513247 TLS: fix SRP detection by using the proper #ifdefs
     new a2c85bb8e Curl_pgrsTime - return new time to avoid timeout integer 
     new 003e81e2a multi: handle connection state winsock events
     new 5fcad1c1c sockfilt: handle FD_CLOSE winsock event on write socket
     new 6e18568ba easyoptions: provide debug function when DEBUGBUILD
     new 70984ce1b tests: add test1912 with typechecks
     new a935f0bde RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 05729b66c select: simplify return code handling for poll and select
     new 95aea798d CMake: add option to enable Unicode on Windows
     new 5cfb807bb AppVeyor: switch 64-bit Schannel Debug CMake builds to 
     new f504f1864 ntlm: fix condition for curl_ntlm_core usage
     new 8bb183114 tests/getpart: use MIME::Base64 instead of home-cooked
     new 61aab81c5 docs: add description about CI platforms to
     new de77ae0a7 CI/azure: no longer ignore results of test 1013
     new 8b69ac0c1 buildconf: exec autoreconf to avoid additional process
     new 728f8d3bd conn: check for connection being dead before reuse
     new a33735548 url: remove funny embedded comments in Curl_disonnect calls
     new ede125b7b tls: add CURLOPT_SSL_EC_CURVES and --curves
     new e37e44686 mqtt: enable by default
     new 147eca8ba RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 82149e70a curl.1: add see also no-progress-meter on two spots
     new 401d237b8 cmdline-opts/ generate nicer "See Also" in curl.1
     new e250b568b optiontable: use DEBUGBUILD
     new 64586af92 lib/ bump VERSIONINFO due to new functions
     new e22682b90 test971: show test mismatches "inline"
     new e3181d022 ignore buildconf
     new ce56cc8b1 CI/azure: MQTT is now enabled by default
     new 20d74b739 select: align poll emulation to return all relevant events
     new 3e4b32a3e win32: drop support for WinSock version 1, require version 2
     new 8bdc4f8ae telnet.c: depend on static requirement of WinSock version 2
     new 9b3f888a0 llist: make it "struct Curl_llist"
     new 9e90ff083 hash: make it 'struct Curl_hash'
     new add702266 schannel: make it 'struct Curl_schannel*'
     new 221a584df curl_threads: make it 'struct Curl_actual_call'
     new 3acb2abdf vtls: make it 'struct Curl_ssl_session'
     new c26446ff5 wildcard: strip "curl_" prefix from private symbols
     new 5507a6ae4 mqtt.c: avoid curl_ prefix on local variable
     new dd51f04b1 setopt: avoid curl_ on local variable
     new b3fbb2fb9 openssl: avoid error conditions when importing native CA
     new 63a111a27 travis: add a CI job with openssl3 (from git master)
     new 3eff1c509 http_proxy: do not crash with HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY set
     new b4d86d34f scripts/delta: add diffstat summary
     new a27af8b51 libssh2: pass on the error from ssh_force_knownhost_key_type
     new d541f83d5 CMake: remove explicit `CMAKE_ANSI_CFLAGS`
     new d1d310531 connect.c: remove superfluous 'else' in Curl_getconnectinfo
     new df0282a82 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 5dddc1dc7 docs: add categories to all cmdline opts
     new aa8777f63 tool: update --help with categories
     new a86cc7e2a tests: Add tests for new --help
     new 879007f81 easygetopt: pass a valid enum to avoid compiler warning
     new 6ecb63e49 curl: in retry output don't call all problems "transient"
     new 953088d2c winbuild/rundebug.cmd: remove
     new bbf8cae44 build: drop support for building with Watcom
     new e4e725f83 curl:parallel_transfers: make sure retry readds the transfer
     new 363a88ac9 curl: retry delays in parallel mode no longer sleeps blocking
     new e50a877df tests: remove pipelining tests
     new 8ca54a03e test1541: remove since it is a known bug
     new f93455eb0 altsvc: clone setting in curl_easy_duphandle
     new e089704a0 CI/azure: add test number to title for display in analytics
     new 2a82e4dc4 tests/libtests: remove test 1900 and 2033
     new d799b7737 libtest: remove lib1541 leftovers
     new dc95c4e02 cmake: make HTTP_ONLY also disable MQTT
     new d63b3908d FAQ: refreshed some very old language
     new 6d946ad9f openssl: consider ALERT_CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED a failed 
     new 8684bb70d configure: let --enable-debug set -Wenum-conversion with gcc 
>= 10
     new 6f42e3b16 travis: add a build using libressl (from git master)
     new 3532262ed url: use blank credentials when using proxy w/o username and 
     new ad425d3e3 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 17fcdf6a3 lib: fix -Wassign-enum warnings
     new ab213d60e libtest: fix build errors
     new 558dffe30 lib583: fix enum mixup
     new 36f60494a curl_mime_headers.3: fix the example's use of 
     new 20417a13f base64: enable in build with SMTP
     new 11ab0ad60 base64: also build for pop3 and imap
     new 4ba275a46 HISTORY: mention alt-svc added in 2019
     new 25a25f45a http: consolidate nghttp2_session_mem_recv() call paths
     new 33bca7c9f docs/LICENSE-MIXING: remove
     new 5fbc3ee52 tests: add test1912 to the dist
     new 9fffe925d dynbuf: make sure Curl_dyn_tail() zero terminates
     new c4ea71ae3 dynbuf: provide curlx_ names for reuse by the curl tool
     new 47dd957da curl: use curlx_dynbuf for realloc when loading config files
     new b83947c8d runtests: allow creating files without newlines
     new 5c2d2d2ac test434: test -K use in a single line without newline
     new 51e8f2938 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new da5ae38db imap: set cselect_bits to CURL_CSELECT_IN initially
     new 0938f828b curl: make file2string use dynbuf
     new 893bbd745 curl: make file2memory use dynbuf
     new 70a3b003d curl: make glob_match_url use dynbuf
     new a16794984 curl: make checkpasswd use dynbuf
     new 7ea2e1d0c ftp: a 550 response to SIZE returns 
     new 182ff2d63 vtls: deduplicate client certificates in ssl_config_data
     new 4e66207c5 tool_urlglob: fix compiler warning "unreachable code"
     new 0c1e767e8 tool_writeout: add new writeout variable, %{num_headers}
     new 8854b9284 tests/FILEFORMAT: document nonewline support for <file>
     new 304aeace1 tests/FILEFORMAT: document type=shell for <command>
     new 9fe7b6620 travis: use libressl v3.1.4 instead of master
     new 2cc685724 test3015: verify stdout "as text"
     new 0b4c4145a tool_writeout: protect fputs() from NULL
     new 1556b99f1 CI/azure: disable test 571 in the msys2 builds
     new ec6363be1 tool_help.h: update copyright year range
     new 15f5d5989 TODO: add PR reference for native IDN support on macOS
     new af0959995 TODO: dynamically decide to use socketpair
     new 40d67da7c multi: reuse WinSock events variable in Curl_multi_wait
     new 1060955a6 multi: align WinSock mask variables in Curl_multi_wait
     new c0f0e400e urlapi: use more Curl_safefree
     new 48fb543d7 github: use new issue template feature
     new cd048aaa2 github: remove the duplicate "Security vulnerability" entry
     new 83cc96670 man pages: switch to URLs
     new cc372af1e ftp: get rid of the PPSENDF macro
     new 7921b41ce easy_reset: clear retry counter
     new 3d8731c8f ftp: avoid risk of reading uninitialized integers
     new 2cf5f9368 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 2df7414a7 CHECKSRC: document two missing warnings
     new 5bd63e061 --help: strdup the category
     new 6f82ebd8a BUGS: convert document to markdown
     new d3d8773b1 docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: convert to markdown
     new 559ed3ca2 docs/RESOURCES: remove
     new e1485bd06 docs/MQTT: not experimental anymore
     new 553588897 docs/MQTT: remove outdated paaragraphs
     new be2383947 cmake: remove scary warning
     new 2e645e21d parsedate: tune the date to epoch conversion
     new 6434a7398 Curl_handler: add 'family' to each protocol
     new f4873ebd0 krb5: merged security.c and krb specific FTP functions in 
     new a8e08a87d setopt: return CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT on bad argument
     new e5803089a http_proxy: do not count proxy headers in the header 
     new 3e80895da test1297: verify GOT_NOTHING with http proxy tunnel
     new 1ee289f7b curl_krb5.h: rename from krb5.h
     new 5a654a0a6 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 3d64031fa symbian: drop support
     new 0548ecaf6 pingpong: remove a malloc per Curl_pp_vsendf call
     new 235585770 KNOWN_BUGS: Unable to use PKCS12 certificate with Secure 
     new 7e8561e03 dynbuf: make *addf() not require extra mallocs
     new f74afa40f dynbuf: add Curl_dyn_vaddf
     new 675eeb1c9 pingpong: use a dynbuf for the *_pp_sendf() function
     new 93653ef9e tests/data: Fix some mismatched XML tags in test cases
     new 1397a7de6 ftp: separate FTPS from FTP over "HTTPS proxy"
     new 92a9b88eb Curl_send: return error when pre_receive_plain can't malloc
     new c4693adc6 imap: make imap_send use dynbuf for the send buffer 
     new bed5f8454 strerror: honor Unicode API choice on Windows
     new 3d60a2239 ngtcp2: adapt to new NGTCP2_PROTO_VER_MAX define
     new 11522d729 test163[12]: require http to be built-in to run
     new 7772344e1 pause: only trigger a reread if the unpause sticks
     new 4a4c72459 ftp: make a 552 response return CURLE_REMOTE_DISK_FULL
     new 1e3c52fba RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new abeeffb11 schannel: return CURLE_PEER_FAILED_VERIFICATION for 
untrusted root
     new 422b257fe ROADMAP: updates and cleanups
     new a87cca7b1 sendf: move Curl_sendf to dict.c and make it static
     new 82d66f158 memdebug: remove 9 year old unused debug function
     new edfb6168e libssh2: handle the SSH protocols done over HTTPS proxy
     new a7de1c0d8 TODO: SSH over HTTPS proxy with more backends
     new 83c649329 configure: use "no" instead of "disabled" for the end summary
     new cbe7fad20 ECH: renamed from ESNI in docs and configure
     new b312e3238 sectransp: make it build with --disable-proxy
     new 025b20971 HISTORY: add some 2020 events
     new 021f2c25f MANUAL: update examples to resolve without redirects
     new 2aac895fb src: Consistently spell whitespace without whitespace
     new c8204ed6a configure: don't say HTTPS-proxy is enabled when disabled!
     new 7b9e3c4b4 examples/README: convert to markdown
     new d0c77730e include/README: convert to markdown
     new 422f610b4 tests/README: convert to markdown
     new 8aeb82eec tests/unit/README: convert to markdown
     new 6603917c3 TODO: Add OpenBSD libtool notice
     new ce95c5e01 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new 7920be947 vtls: deduplicate some DISABLE_PROXY ifdefs
     new 9a13f7c2a strerror: fix null deref on winapi out-of-memory
     new 3997b3e2a curl: make --libcurl show binary posts correctly
     new 01327600e tool_setopt: escape binary data to hex, not octal
     new 2dd53e82f runtests: allow generating a binary sequence from hex
     new ddecd2826 test1465: verify --libcurl with binary POST data
     new 26a7d51c2 checksrc: warn on space after exclamation mark
     new e6b21d422 runtests: provide curl's version string as %VERSION for tests
     new 6497ed45b ldap: reduce the amount of #ifdefs needed
     new 2ead0ca48 docs/opts: fix typos in two manual pages
     new 639c6bfcf --help: move two options from the misc category
     new b8e4d1cb0 runtests: add %repeat[]% for test files
     new af782db0e build-wolfssl: fix build with Visual Studio 2019
     new 06488441a scripts/ don't "embed" $ in format string 
for printf()
     new d3a3cacd3 RELEASE-NOTES: synced
     new ec1cb755b curl: make sure setopt CURLOPT_IPRESOLVE passes on a long
     new bc5455fa7 mbedtls: add missing header when defining MBEDTLS_DEBUG
     new 7d8c89d47 checksrc: detect // comments on column 0
     new 1101fbbf4 use $LIBDIR variable instead of hardcoded path
     new a4c26b0ab HISTORY: curl verifies SSL certs by default since version 
     new c8ca70547 src/Makefile.m32: fix undefined curlx_dyn_* errors
     new d707a9fa6 windows: fix comparison of mismatched types warning
     new 0a99281c2 CI/tests: use verification curl for test reporting APIs
     new a32687798 strerror: Revert to local codepage for Windows error string
     new 112418070 tests/server/util.c: fix support for Windows Unicode builds
     new d8fffd718 CI/tests: fix invocation of tests for CMake builds
     new fddc603b6 projects/build-wolfssl.bat: fix the copyright year range
     new eafe1eaff mailmap: fixups of some contributors
     new 2cbd2a2ab THANKS: from 7.73.0 and .mailmap fixes
     new 315ee3fe7 RELEASE-NOTES: synced

The 239 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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