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[taler-docs] branch master updated (ad6b165 -> af35eb7)

From: gnunet
Subject: [taler-docs] branch master updated (ad6b165 -> af35eb7)
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2021 02:34:33 +0100

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

ttn pushed a change to branch master
in repository docs.

    from ad6b165  taler-exchange-aggregator(1): vet opts ‘-c’, ‘-L’, ‘-l’, ‘-T’
     new 6930ada  taler-exchange-benchmark(1): remove opt ‘-b’, ‘--bank-url’
     new 043bc4c  taler-exchange-benchmark(1): reorder options
     new 4d120dd  taler-exchange-benchmark(1): fix typo: use ‘-L’ for 
‘--log-level’; rewrite its description
     new 0ee36d6  taler-exchange-benchmark(1): add opts ‘-F’, ‘-l’, ‘-m’, ‘-v’
     new c51f035  taler-exchange-benchmark(1): update description of opt ‘-n’
     new af35eb7  taler-exchange-benchmark(1): add opts ‘-p’, ‘-R’, ‘-r’

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 manpages/taler-exchange-benchmark.1.rst | 48 ++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 1 file changed, 35 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/manpages/taler-exchange-benchmark.1.rst 
index 1694c35..92efee4 100644
--- a/manpages/taler-exchange-benchmark.1.rst
+++ b/manpages/taler-exchange-benchmark.1.rst
@@ -15,12 +15,18 @@ Synopsis
 [**-c** *CONFIG_FILENAME* | **––config=**\ ‌\ *CONFIG_FILENAME*]
-[**-b** *BANK_URL* | **––bank-url=**\ ‌\ *BANK_URL*]
+[**-F** | **––reserves-first**]
 [**-f** | **––fakebank**]
+[**-h** | **––help**]
 [**-K** | **––linger**]
+[**-L** *LOGLEVEL* | **––log-level=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*]
+[**-l** *FILENAME* | **––logfile=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*]
+[**-m** *MODE* | **––mode=**\ \ *MODE*]
 [**-n** *HOWMANY_COINS* | **––coins-number=**\ ‌\ *HOWMANY_COINS*]
-[**-l** *LOGLEVEL* | **––log-level=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*]
-[**-h** | **––help**]
+[**-p** *NPROCS* | **––parallelism=**\ \ *NPROCS*]
+[**-R** *RATE* | **––refresh-rate=**\ \ *RATE*]
+[**-r** *N* | **––reserves=**\ \ *N*]
+[**-v** | **––version**]
@@ -35,9 +41,8 @@ that table are always erased during a single benchmark run.
 **-c** *CONFIG_FILENAME* \| **––config=**\ ‌\ *CONFIG_FILENAME*
    (Mandatory) Use CONFIG_FILENAME.
-**-b** *BANK_URL* \| **––bank-url=**\ ‌\ *BANK_URL*
-   (Mandatory) The URL where the fakebank listens at. Must match the
-   host component in the exchange’s escrow account “payto” URL.
+**-F** \| **––reserves-first**
+   Create all reserves first, before starting normal operations.
 **-f** \| **––fakebank**
    Launch a fakebank instead of the Python bank. Only meaningful if the
@@ -46,21 +51,38 @@ that table are always erased during a single benchmark run.
    as the fakebank is stateless and thus previous database state would
    inherently cause trouble.
+**-h** \| **––help**
+   Prints a compiled-in help text.
 **-K** \| **––linger**
    Linger around until keypress after the benchmark is done.
+**-L** *LOGLEVEL* \| **––log-level=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*
+   Specifies the log level to use. Accepted values are: ``DEBUG``, ``INFO``,
+   ``WARNING``, ``ERROR``.
+**-l** *FILENAME* \| **––logfile=**\ ‌\ *FILENAME*
+   Send logging output to *FILENAME*.
+**-m** *MODE* \| **––mode=**\ \ *MODE*
+   Mode of operation. Accepted values are: ``exchange``, ``clients``, ``both``.
 **-n** *HOWMANY_COINS* \| **––coins-number=**\ ‌\ *HOWMANY_COINS*
    Defaults to 1. Specifies how many coins this benchmark should
    withdraw and spend. After being spent, each coin will be refreshed
-   with a REFRESH_PROBABILITY probability, which is (hardcoded as) 0.1;
-   future versions of this tool should offer this parameter as a CLI
-   option.
+   with a probability RATE (see option ``--refresh-rate``).
-**-l** *LOGLEVEL* \| **––log-level=**\ ‌\ *LOGLEVEL*
-   GNUnet-compatible log level, takes values “ERROR/WARNING/INFO/DEBUG”
+**-p** *NPROCS* \| **––parallelism=**\ \ *NPROCS*
+   Run with *NPROCS* client processes.
-**-h** \| **––help**
-   Prints a compiled-in help text.
+**-R** *RATE* \| **––refresh-rate=**\ \ *RATE*
+   Defaults to 10.  Probability of refresh per coin (0-100).
+**-r** *N* \| **––reserves=**\ \ *N*
+   Create *N* reserves per client.
+**-v** \| **––version**
+   Print version information.
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