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Re: GNUnet Project GSOC 2023 Contributor

From: Martin Schanzenbach
Subject: Re: GNUnet Project GSOC 2023 Contributor
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2023 07:28:20 +0100

Hi Marshall,

Marshall Stone <> writes:

> Hi, I am reaching out after looking into the 2023 projects offered through 
> GSOC by GNUnet. 
> My name is Marshall S and I am currently a junior at the University of 
> Michigan studying computer science as an undergrad. I am interested in this 
> project because I agree with the principles/philosophy of GNU, and I am 
> particularly curious about computer security and internet privacy. I also 
> have experience programming in C/C++.
> I had a few questions regarding the project and application process in 
> general since I have not yet contributed to open source nor have I 
> participated in GSOC:
> 1. What does the availability look like to work on this project, and
> what are you looking for in a contributor?

Our currently proposed topics are here
You can propose your own, but that may require you to first get familiar
with GNUnet.

We are looking for contributors interested in the goals of the project
that ideally can see themselves contributing beyond GSoC.

> 2. Is there anything I should know about GNUnet in particular before
> working on it?

I cannot think of an answer to this question off the top of my hand.
Reading the homepage and should give
you a good idea :)

> 3. If not through GSOC, how else could I contribute to this project?

You are welcome to contribute outside of GNUnet with anything you want
to do. From website maintenance, documentation, translations,
programming or simply maintaining a node there are a
lot of ways to contribute outside of a clear cut project.
You can also always build your own software on top of the stack.

> I apologize if my email comes off as a bit awkward, as I am not trying to 
> pitch myself in this message, but I also don’t want to sound vague.
> I appreciate anyone taking the time to read my message, and I would be very 
> grateful to hear back from the team.

We do have a monthly meeting on the first Sunday of the month 20:00
(Berlin/Rome) through mumble on
If you want you can join us next time.


> Thank you,
> Marshall S

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