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Re: GNUnet-jour-fixe: Debian/DPKG

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: GNUnet-jour-fixe: Debian/DPKG
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 18:37:17 +0200
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I'm glade to hear 0.13.1 has been packaged. Does this include the
improvements for GNS that had been discussed (NSS integration, CA setup,

Also, thanks Bertrand for maintaining the GNUnet package for so long. It
would be great if some DD (or someone with DD aspirations) from the list
would be willing to take over, especially if they already worked on the

Happy hacking!


On 7/19/20 7:32 PM, Marcos Marado wrote:
> Hi there,
> FYI, regarding the status of the Debian package:
> * Gnunet 0.13.1 has been packaged and is already on Debian unstable:
> * The current maintainer is seeking for another maintainer to take
> over:
> Best regards,
> On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 9:59 PM rexxnor <> wrote:
>> Hi Marcos
>>> "Debian/DPKG: rexxnor wasnt able to get into contact to the debain
>>> maintainers - the package is done but not in there"
>> The maintainer has not yet answered my emails regarding this which
>> included patches.
>>> Can someone please tell me in more detail what's the status on this?
>>> As far as I know, the latest version available on Debian is 0.11.0,
>>> but work to have 0.11.6 started by the maintainer[1].
>> So considering packaging the main features besides bumping the version
>> include getting GNS into the system resolution process via
>> nsswitch.conf, starting a system peer to run the gns proxy and starting
>> a reduced peer for each user. Furthermore the GNS proxy should be
>> started and running. Check my repository for my attempt at achieving
>> this or use the Alpine Linux GNUnet package [1] as a reference.
>>> There is an open issue for the update of the package[2], and in there
>>> I linked to my own repository where I have been updating GNUnet
>>> packages for debian, hoping the package maintainer will accept that
>>> work and update the official packages[3]: currently 0.12.1 is packaged
>>> in there (pull requests with the packaging of 0.12.2 are welcome, of
>>> course).
>> Thanks! I was not working on bumping the version.
>>> I'd hate if this work is being duplicated, so if there is the same
>>> packaging effort being made by someone else, somewhere else, I'd love
>>> to hear about it!
>> If you want to have a look at the progress check my repository [2]. Feel
>> free to pull in the changes for the mentioned features.
>> [1]:
>> [2]:
>> Happy hacking!
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