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Re: Cryptography of GNU Name System

From: Nikita Gillmann
Subject: Re: Cryptography of GNU Name System
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 10:54:36 +0200
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Please read:

Kind regards,
S. Dreamseeker


the academic nature and history of this project should make it clear that we are more than open for constructive (or any kind of) criticism and feedback. This is the first time I read your name here (or I don't remember seeing you since 2015), in my opinion it would have been better to approach us first with your findings (not to prevent your post, but to have an open dialogues about results).

Maybe people involved in the cryptographic design parts of our project can comment in time and public.

On 2020-07-14 06:02, Soatok Dreamseeker wrote:

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