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Re: New front matter

From: hyazinthe
Subject: Re: New front matter
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2020 18:34:04 +0200


1st impression:
Fantastic. Clear improvement.
Engage butten needs to be bigger, adopting same form as every other button in 
the row, in the course of that place icon in 1st row of the button and the text 
Engage right below in the 2nd row of the button, just like it's been done in 
case of the Applications button.

2nd impression:
Just confirmation of 1st impression, and noticing the beauty of the changes: 
The wall of text is broken up into easily digestable chunks, the comparison of 
problematic aspects and GNUnet's solutions to it clearer worked out, including 
visualized by contrasting section backgrounds and icons. Last but not least my 
gut feeling tells me, that these changes additionally fix some of the issues 
uncovered by the very valuable accessibility
assessment done by Accessibility Foundation - .

Conclusion: Adoption recommended.

I hope this feedback helps,
Bastian Schmidt

--- Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht ---
Von: "Schanzenbach, Martin" <>
Datum: 03.07.2020 13:42:01
An: Gnunet Developers <>
Betreff: New front matter

> Hi,
> based on the feedback from the online hacker days I updated the frontpage
> on
> Feedback welcome. Also wrt content.
> BR
> Martin

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