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[Gnump3d-devel] Password Login and IP activation

From: Benjamin Peter
Subject: [Gnump3d-devel] Password Login and IP activation
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 09:08:37 +0100
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I am not absolutely sure what the previous password mechanism for gnump3d looked like since I am using it just for a few weeks now.Generally I really like the KISS paradigm.

Currently I am only starting gnump3d when I need it because of the lack for a login mechanism. I understand the problem with the audio players not being able to login but since there is an IP filtering feature you might be able to create a login mechanism via browser that activates the user's current IP to access the daemon for some hours or until logout.

Has this idea every come up? I realize it would be not too save if a proxy is involved but, I wouldn't actually care and it would surely be optional.

Waiting for your comment,

Benjamin Peter

P.S. sorry if you may have seen the mail already but there was no response on the uses mailing list so I decided to go for the developer's list which may be better anyway.

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