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Thank you for a great piece of software

From: lennart . reuther
Subject: Thank you for a great piece of software
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2023 12:21:38 +0200
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Dear Karsten and the whole team behind GNUmed,

starting March 2023 my wife Aimee and I were looking for a solution to
hold medical records of a small clinic (Praxis). Focus was on a data
privacy supporting way, running on a Linux system and without spreading
records to multiple cloud providers.

I am happy to share, that after a learning curve but with great support
from the devel-mailing list, we run GNUmed since April 2023
successfully. It's doing a great job on a 2010 MacBook Air, Ubuntu and
KDE - using the GnuMed PPA repository. 

The main components in daily use are:

- patient records in SOAP style
- invoicing using a customized Latex-template
- document storage

What we want to look deeper into in the future:

- creating correspondence letters directly out of GNUmed (currently
that is blocked by calling 'vim' as external editor somehow rofl)
- checking x-rays via the dicom viewer (somehow, currently, we can only
open separate files, but don't get a picutre sliding to work).

As this is a chiropractical clinic, we don't use any of the
medication/viaccination functionalities.

Again, thanks for the great work and the endurance with which GNUmed
was/is developed over the last decades.


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