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Re: <bug>: create a person

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: <bug>: create a person
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 20:45:32 +0100

Dear Vaibhav,

thanks for reporting the issue you experienced while doing

> user comment  : create a person

It has been fixed in 2018:

        commit bc8b6ba29677549f05b7e1c66c53345944de0f33
        Author: Karsten Hilbert <>
        Date:   Thu May 10 15:51:53 2018 +0200

            Fix exception on creation of duplicate patients

                    When the user did not explicitely select the PRW
                    suggestion for a date entered into the DOB field GNUmed
                    would not actually process the input into a datetime
                    until the time of creating the new identity. Thereby the
                    dupes check would not run while the new-identity EA was
                    in use. During saving, however, GNUmed did not check for
                    dupes but would throw an exception courtesy of the
                    database preventing it from storing "bad data". So,
                    process input into a datetime upon leaving the DOB field,
                    which allows the dupes check to run and appropriately
                    warn the user as needed. Also, during validate-for-save,
                    re-check for an exact dupe and fail to save if any found.

but has not been backported to the 1.6 branch, your installed
version of which:

> client version: 1.6.15

had been released more than six months prior to the fix:

        commit 59a1fab51a7426763721e72ad0895c77bf3cb9e8 (tag: rel-1-6-15)
        Author: Karsten Hilbert <>
        Date:   Sat Oct 28 15:25:39 2017 +0200

            Prepare 1.6.15 release

What you see happening is that in some corner cases GNUmed
fails to detect early enough that one is about to create a
duplicate person entry, and thusly does not gracefully warn
about that. Eventually, the database catches the problem and
protects the data by not allowing a fully duplicate entry, in
your case, patient #15 and the patient-to-be.

Again, thanks for taking the time to report. Our suggestion
would be to switch to version 1.7.9 _at least_. If at all
possible, try the latest released version, 1.8.5. Note,
however, that any 1.8 version requires Python 3 and wxPython
4, as opposed to Python 2/wxPython 3. GNUmed had to be

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