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Re: profile GNUmed database at (PUBLIC)

From: Bunny
Subject: Re: profile GNUmed database at (PUBLIC)
Date: Thu, 28 May 2020 11:00:20 +0200


ich glaube wir können auf deutsch schreiben:)

Danke für die Rückmeldung. 

Ich nutze MacOS mit Catalina 10.15.4

Ich habe die Log Datei dabei...

Was mir auffällt:

im Log steht:

CRITICAL ERROR: Program halted.

Please make sure you have:

 1) the required third-party Python modules installed
 2) the GNUmed Python modules linked or installed into site-packages/
    (if you do not run from a CVS tree the installer should have taken care of that)
 3) your PYTHONPATH environment variable set up correctly

<sys.path> is currently set to:


Aus der sieht es so aus:

sys.path (press <ENTER> key to show):






${PATH} (press <ENTER> key to show):



alex@MacBook-Pro client % ./        


fatal: Kein Git-Repository (oder irgendeines der Elternverzeichnisse): .git

Running from Git branch: 


config file: --conf-file=gm-from-vcs.conf

options: --local-import --debug

Running from local source tree (/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1) ...

Log file: /Users/alex/.gnumed/logs/gnumed/gnumed-2020_05_28-10_50_12-45054.log

Temp dir: /var/folders/sy/n7vx960j23n7hnr7d6gnw7gh0000gn/T/gnumed-alex/g-q3sd9ytt

10:50:28: Debug: /Users/robind/projects/bb2/dist-osx-py38/build/ext/wxWidgets/src/osx/cocoa/ assert ""gs_wxBusyCursorCount > 0"" failed in wxEndBusyCursor(): no matching wxBeginBusyCursor() for wxEndBusyCursor()

Error in sys.excepthook:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1/Gnumed/wxpython/", line 235, in handle_uncaught_exception_wx


wx._core.wxAssertionError: C++ assertion ""gs_wxBusyCursorCount > 0"" failed at /Users/robind/projects/bb2/dist-osx-py38/build/ext/wxWidgets/src/osx/cocoa/ in wxEndBusyCursor(): no matching wxBeginBusyCursor() for wxEndBusyCursor()

Original exception was:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1/Gnumed/wxpython/", line 3457, in OnInit

    if not self.__verify_praxis_branch():

  File "/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1/Gnumed/wxpython/", line 3669, in __verify_praxis_branch

    if not gmPraxisWidgets.set_active_praxis_branch(no_parent = True):

  File "/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1/Gnumed/wxpython/", line 412, in set_active_praxis_branch

    branches = gmPraxis.get_praxis_branches()

  File "/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1/Gnumed/business/", line 255, in get_praxis_branches

    rows, idx = gmPG2.run_ro_queries(queries = [{'cmd': cmd}], get_col_idx = True)

  File "/Users/alex/gnumed/gnumed-client.1.8.1/Gnumed/pycommon/", line 1547, in run_ro_queries

    curs.execute(query['cmd'], args)

  File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.8/lib/python3.8/site-packages/psycopg2/", line 143, in execute

    return super(DictCursor, self).execute(query, vars)

psycopg2.DatabaseError: extraneous data in "T" message

OnInit returned false, exiting...

alex@MacBook-Pro client % 

Ich bin mir sicher, es ist ein "Anfängerfehler"...  

Danke, Alex

Am Mi., 27. Mai 2020 um 20:50 Uhr schrieb Karsten Hilbert <>:
Hi Banni,

(nice pun here)

thanks for reporting your issue.

However, what you see should not be a showstopper. It just
shows some warnings related to database settings. What
happens if you just click OK ?

Also, if you wish you can share the application log so we can
make more sense of your environment.

What client version are you running ?

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