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[Gnumed-bugs] Problem in Notes plugin: new problem encountlet rows disap

From: Busser, Jim
Subject: [Gnumed-bugs] Problem in Notes plugin: new problem encountlet rows disappear into already-existing problem
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 03:35:30 +0000

I will appreciate to know what additional diagnostic information might be 

I have a patient whose problem list already included a Past Hx of COPD.

Today I needed to do two things in the Notes plugin:

1. Open a notelet under the issue of COPD, into which I inputted appropriate 
clinical information, and

2. Click back into the "new problem" pane of the Notes editor, in which I 
inputted information pertaining to a swallowing assessment that the patient had 
had. Into the Assessment row, I had typed

        "Swallowing / reflux / aspiration, apparently."

and I had copied that into my clipboard, intending to use it to label this new 
unattributed episode.

When I went to "Save all", here is what happened:

- I was prompted to provide a short name, and was confused as to why (behind 
the dialog) the focus had shifted from the new problem to the COPD.
- mistakenly thinking that I was being prompted to provide a short name for the 
new problem, I pasted in

        "Swallowing / reflux / aspiration, apparently."
except It turned out what I was actually being prompted to provide was a short 
name for a new episode that was being created underneath the health issue of 

Which was confusing, because at the moment when I clicked "Save all", my focus 
had been in the new problem.

Evidently GNUmed cannot, or at least does not, take that into account. Perhaps 
its current sequence is to work from whatever was the right-most pane among 
multiple problems, and then work leftward.

I don't know if it is possible, or practical, or desirable to alter the above. 
It is something that could be incorporated into user awareness. It was further 
aggravated by limitations of my using GNUmed under X11 on Mac because of 
failure to display, to the user, the entirety of the title of the dialog that I 
was being prompted to fill in.

Nothing critical, because I could always go back and edit the misleading 
episode name under COPD.

No, the bigger problem is that even after I had saved the COPD notelet, and 
after I was *then* prompted to supply a short name for the NEW PROBLEM, this 
new problem does not appear to have been created under "Unattributed episodes".

I therefore went looking to see where I might find my notelet entries which 
were supposed to be under this intended-to-be-a-new-problem:

        Unspecified health professionals, per daughter, reported concerns about
        aspiration and suggested an urgent need to see a gastroenterologist. 
        had been advised to be adjusted to twice daily, but with unknown 

and I found these rows displayed under the "Most recent info area" inside the 
Notes plugin, under the incarnation of

        Swallowing / reflux / aspiration, apparently.

which is the open episode under the health issue of COPD, together with the 
entries that I had made inside the COPD notelet.

I can think of a few possibilities ...

1) The fact that I used the same string in providing short descriptions for 
both the new episode under COPD, and the "new problem" that was supposed to be 
an "unattributed episode", has some role in the problem

2) The problem arising from (1) could exist a the level of where the data got 
stored in the backend, or (2) the data was correctly stored, but something 
about my use of the same string for two distinct purposes has caused some kind 
of indexing or display problem where the display does not accurately reflect 
the data storage per problem.

So .. where do we go from here?

-- Jim

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