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[Gnumed-bugs] Managing encounter types: renaming Local name *back* to En

From: Busser, James
Subject: [Gnumed-bugs] Managing encounter types: renaming Local name *back* to Encounter name is refused
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 23:15:52 +0000

Client 1.1.0 (hacked using code from rc7)

- it is possible to create encounter types where the local name is the same as 
the encounter type, however at some point in the past I changed the default 
bootstrapped type

        proxy encounter


        seen in proxy

then later tried to change it back but it won't accept to change the local name 
back to

        proxy encounter

… when I click OK I see only

        seen in proxy

but it will allow me to name it

        prxy encounter

but I cannot then make 'prxy' into 'proxy'

: - (

-- Jim

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