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[Gnumed-bugs] Placeholders in latex - title 'Dr' in signature

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-bugs] Placeholders in latex - title 'Dr' in signature
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 22:36:09 -0700

If I log in as McCoy, placeholder


will yield

        Dr. L. McCoy

and yet, in my own case, when I had created myself in GNUmed -- and despite 
that I had inputted for myself the title 'Dr.' -- what I end up with in PDF 
signatures using $<current_provider>$ is

        Mr. J. Busser

and when I search in GNUmed, GNUmed tells me in its warning about no date of 

        Mr Dr. Busser, James R.

        The date of birth for this patient is not known!

despite that what shows in the search field (upon refreshing the screen) is

        Busser, Dr James R.

so a calculated 'Mr' appears somewhere in the code. It appears even *despite* 
if I would remove my title 'Dr' in my demographic record, thus rendering the 
title blank.

The problem appears ***linked to the null date of birth*** which I had left for 
my record, because once I had inputted one for myself, then


will correctly show

        Dr. J. Busser

however the correct working for this placeholder should be achievable even 
despite the null date of birth on which storage staff might reasonable require 
/ desire.

-- Jim

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