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Re: [Gnumed-bugs] <bug>: occured while using inbox for a while, on m

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-bugs] <bug>: occured while using inbox for a while, on m
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 13:04:05 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.21 (2010-09-15)

Hello Marc,

thanks for your report !

> user comment  : occured while using inbox for a while, on mouse movement
> client version: 0.9.6

Indeed, for mysterious reasons, the list item (33) wxPython
tells GNUmed the mouse pointer is hovering over does not
have any data associated with it:

> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.gui 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/wxpython/
>  #177): unhandled exception caught:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/wxpython/", line 883, in 
> _on_mouse_motion
>     dyna_tt = self.__item_tooltip_callback(self.__data[item_idx])
> IndexError: list index out of range


> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.logging 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/pycommon/ #155): >>> 
> execution frame [_on_mouse_motion] in 
> [/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/wxpython/] at line 883 <<<
> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.logging 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/pycommon/ #170):        
>          self = <Gnumed.wxpython.gmListWidgets.cReportListCtrl; proxy of 
> <Swig Object of type 'wxPyListCtrl *' at 0x415b620> >
> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.logging 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/pycommon/ #170):        
>         where = 128
> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.logging 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/pycommon/ #170):        
>      item_idx = 33
> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.logging 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/pycommon/ #170):        
>       dyna_tt = None
> 2011-07-06 22:54:59  DEBUG     gm.logging 
> (/usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed/pycommon/ #170):        
>         event = <wx._core.MouseEvent; proxy of <Swig Object of type 
> 'wxMouseEvent *' at 0x7fff8b53c100> >

As this is not a fatal problem I have changed the code to
simply skip generation of the item tooltip but still report
the problem to the user (by printing a message on the
console which can only be seen in --debug mode and logging a
few more details). So, if you can provoke this warning
message I'd be delighted to see another log such that maybe
we can find the root of this issue.

Fixed for 0.9.7-to-be.

A possible cause might be that while hovering over the inbox
in one client the reason-to-exist for virtual message
therein (unreviewed docs or test results) was mitigated from
within another client, subsequently the inbox was
auto-updated and thus the inbox item wxPython thinks it is
on and the inbox item data list GNUmed holds somehow got out
of sync. Not fatal but it'd be nice to find the real reason.

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