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Re: [Gnumed-bugs] Error attempting Gnuplot on Kirk's measurement 0.9.3

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-bugs] Error attempting Gnuplot on Kirk's measurement 0.9.3
Date: Sun, 01 May 2011 18:40:27 -0700

On 2011-05-01, at 3:08 AM, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

>> MacPorts offers gnuplot 4.4.3_0

Is it fine to keep posting in -bugs or do you want these back at -devel?

When I install the MacPorts 'gnuplot' package, it installs two binaries gnuplot 
and gnuplot_x11 …

On account of prior limitations with python26 not respecting the MacPorts 
build_arch flag (therefore ignoring any dependents which can only be compiled 
in 32 bit) and wxwidget limitations when I built my MacPorts, I am using GNUmed 
in X11 and so I expect my GNUmed should try to call gnuplot_x11?

The installed-binaries locations are


and a plain text settings file for the x11 version gets installed in


So my questions are:

1) should I add to my PATH


2) is there anything about the default settings (see below) which looks like 
any problem?

3) do you think GNUmed should have any adjustment for this gnuplot_x11 or in 
place of adjusting gnumed should I create a symlink

        gnuplot --> gnuplot_x11

somewhere in my PATH? (I am assuming this will let GNUmed try to "call" gnuplot 
without having to know the call will be routed to gnuplot_x11?)

-- Jim

contents of plain text settings file 

! X resources for gnuplot x11 terminal driver
! More information available in the gnuplot documentation
! From inside gnuplot, try 'help set term x11'

! User interface settings
  gnuplot*exportselection:  on
  gnuplot*fastrotate:   on
  gnuplot*feedback:     on
! gnuplot*ctrlq:        off
  gnuplot*persist:      off
! gnuplot*raise:        on
  gnuplot*dashed:       off

! Default font and font encoding
! gnuplot*font:        verdana,11,bold
! gnuplot*encoding:    iso8859-15

! Default line colors
! gnuplot*background:  white
  gnuplot*textColor:   black
  gnuplot*borderColor: black
  gnuplot*axisColor:   black
  gnuplot*line1Color:  red
  gnuplot*line2Color:  green
  gnuplot*line3Color:  blue
  gnuplot*line4Color:  magenta
  gnuplot*line5Color:  cyan
  gnuplot*line6Color:  sienna
  gnuplot*line7Color:  orange
  gnuplot*line8Color:  coral

! Default line widths
  gnuplot*axisWidth:   0
  gnuplot*borderWidth: 2
  gnuplot*line1Width:  1
  gnuplot*line2Width:  1
  gnuplot*line3Width:  1
  gnuplot*line4Width:  1
  gnuplot*line5Width:  1
  gnuplot*line6Width:  1
  gnuplot*line7Width:  1
  gnuplot*line8Width:  1

! Default point size
  gnuplot*pointsize:   1

! Default dash patterns for monochrome Displays
! 0 means a solid line.
! A two-digit number `jk` means a dashed line with a repeated pattern of 
! `j` pixels on followed by `k` pixels off.  For example, '16' is a dotted
! line with one pixel on followed by six pixels off.
! More elaborate on/off patterns can be specified with a four-digit value.
! The default values shown below are for monochrome displays
! or monochrome rendering on color or grayscale displays.  For color displays,
! the default for each is 0 (solid line) except for `axisDashes`
  gnuplot*borderDashes:   0
  gnuplot*axisDashes:    16
  gnuplot*line1Dashes:    0
  gnuplot*line2Dashes:   42
  gnuplot*line3Dashes:   13
  gnuplot*line4Dashes:   44
  gnuplot*line5Dashes:   15
  gnuplot*line6Dashes: 4441
  gnuplot*line7Dashes:   42
  gnuplot*line8Dashes:   13

! Colormap usage and preferred visual Display class
! gnuplot*maxcolors:  <integer>
! gnuplot*mincolors:  <integer>
! gnuplot*visual:     <visual name>
  gnuplot*mono:         off
  gnuplot*gray:         off
  gnuplot*reverseVideo: off

! Grayscale setting (only checked if program is invoked as gnuplot -gray)
  gnuplot*textGray:   black
  gnuplot*borderGray: gray50
  gnuplot*axisGray:   gray50
  gnuplot*line1Gray:  gray100
  gnuplot*line2Gray:  gray60
  gnuplot*line3Gray:  gray80
  gnuplot*line4Gray:  gray40
  gnuplot*line5Gray:  gray90
  gnuplot*line6Gray:  gray50
  gnuplot*line7Gray:  gray70
  gnuplot*line8Gray:  gray30

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